Security systems


Sample products


This option is the installation of security alarms radiowave "Anchar-40-01 'is designed to detect people crossing the AOR crawl, step, run, over the top of the fence.

Manufacturer: ST-PERIMETER


IR flame detector for fire safety in transporting facilities. Can be used in a system along with heat and flame detectors. Loop variant, ˝ommon implementation. Their basement represents a four-contact connector coupled with a socket RID-6╠

Manufacturer: NII "GIRICOND"

Voice recorders custom design

Custom designing, development and assembling of special means of covert recording. Production of spy pen digital voice recording devices and devices according to your needs. E.g. pen-like voice recorder or a recorder mounted in a key-trinket will accurately collect and preserve evidence in the most unbiased and efficient manner.

Manufacturer: TS-Market

Industrial equipment


SET are intended for application on energy facilities, industrial enterprises and in the sphere of housing and communal services.

Manufacturer: Ryazan State Instrument-making Enterprise

Semiconductor devices


GEM45 - system on module SO-DIMM form factor for embedded and industrial applications.

Manufacturer: Mentor Electronics LLC

Semiconductor materials

Germanium lens blanks

Blanks (discs, windows, generated blanks) for optical components are made from mono and polycrustalline germanium in different shape.

Manufacturer: OJSC GERMANIUM

Measurement equipment


The device emits ultrasonic signals and receives the emitted or reflected signals. It can operate separately as a receiver or as a transceiver

Manufacturer: ELPA Company

Medical equipment

Sensor models

Company DMS Advanced Technologies produces several kinds of sensor modules which measure blood pressure, pulse rate and ECG. Among them 24-hour arterial blood pressure and pulse rate monitor - the world’s smallest monitor for measuring systolic, diastolic and average BP and pulse rate in adults and children during their everyday activities.

Manufacturer: DMS Advanced Technologies

MAP-02 for ambulance

Patient Monitor CARDEX MAP-02 for ambulance is intended for observation of the patient condition in the ambulance, resuscitation and intensive therapy rooms

Manufacturer: CARDEX

Electrical equipment

AC/DC inverters or converters

AC/DC inverters or converters – devices that convert direct current (from accumulator batteries) into alternating current for powering electric equipment. Modern power inverter systems control the level of the AC mains voltage automatically switching to a reserve power supply (an accumulator battery) when the mains voltage level gets unacceptable.

Manufacturer: IRBIS

Telecom equipment


TC-PAM modem for 2-wire leased lines with Ethernet data port. Data rate up to 2304 kbit/sec. Distance up to 10 km, dependend on cable. Remote management via SNMP protocol.

Manufacturer: Cronyx Telecom

Financial terminals

Yarus C2100

POS Terminal Combined with Cash Register

Manufacturer: Terminal Technologies

Sporting training and Game simulators

Biathlon USB

SCATT Biathlon USB is used for the shooting training of Biathletes. This system has five targets set at a distance of 5 meters and imitates shooting at 50 meters. This system not only measures fixed aiming trajectory, but also the weapon's trajectory movement onto the next target.

Manufacturer: SCATT

Nanotechnology equipment


Selective (reactive-ion, anisotropic orientation dependent) plasma etching of dielectric and metal films.

Manufacturer: JSC "Research Institute of Precision Instruments"

Contractual services

Electronic components

Double triodes

Miniature double triode with separate indirectly heated cathodes with spiral heater is intended for being employed as phase inverter or as double amplifier with resistive feedback.

Manufacturer: Voshod-KRLZ

Zelenograd was founded in 1958 and later developed as a reflection of the US Silicon Valley. It was one of the most powerful centers of electronics, microelectronics and computer industry in the Soviet Union, and it still plays a similar role in modern Russia… en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zelenograd

Made in Zelenograd

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