Security systems


Sample products

Oko-Archive AVTO GPS

Video surveillance systems: Professional Video Recorders for Transport Applications: Oko-Archive AVTO and Oko-Archive AVTO GPS.

Manufacturer: Decima


This option is the installation of security alarms radiowave "Anchar-40-01 'is designed to detect people crossing the AOR crawl, step, run, over the top of the fence.

Manufacturer: ST-PERIMETER


Auto-Number is a License plate recognition system. The license plate number recognition system allows easy automated access to any territory be it a shopping center parking lot, industrial enterprise territory or a toll highway. Pass cards are not necessary – the license plate number will be the pass card. The advantages are evident - you don't need to have it with you, show to the security officer or put to the reader, you won't be able to leave it somewhere or pass to another person.

Manufacturer: ELVEES

Industrial equipment


SET are intended for application on energy facilities, industrial enterprises and in the sphere of housing and communal services.

Manufacturer: Ryazan State Instrument-making Enterprise

Semiconductor devices


GEM45 - system on module SO-DIMM form factor for embedded and industrial applications.

Manufacturer: Mentor Electronics LLC

Semiconductor materials

Germanium single crystal

OJSC GERMANIUM produces Germanium monocrystalline of different types: mono for solar cells (SC-Solar Cell), mono-IR and mono of special application.

Manufacturer: OJSC GERMANIUM

Measurement equipment


Fixed single-channel relative humidity meter R-MK-M is designed for continuous or periodic moisture measurement and temperature indication in nonaggressive gas environments (nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, sulfur hexafluoride, argon, compressed air) and in natural gas. Temperature and humidity monitor.

Manufacturer: CJSC Ecological Sensors and Systems

Medical equipment


ELECTROPULSE S-350RF electrosurgical generator is distinguished for high performance, ease-of-use, reliability and user-friendliness. The generator is intended to be used in all fields of surgery.

Manufacturer: ELECTROPULCE

NVX EEG system

NVX52, NVX36 and NVX24 are digital amplifiers for acquisition up to 48, 32 or 24 EEG/ExG DC channels and up to 4 auxiliary AUX channels from biomedical sensors.

Manufacturer: Medical Computer Systems

Electrical equipment


New «Kripton-JET» KT1000JET-series AC/DC power supplies have an output power up to 1000W and can have one or two galvanically isolated output channels. They are designed specially to supply industrial and special equipment for all application areas.

Manufacturer: Alexander Electric

Telecom equipment

OCS1-Ethernet 100 RRC

OCS1-Ethernet 100 RRC is a laser network bridge of optical communication with increased reliability and communication range (up to 3000m), a technology of atmospheric free space optical channel reservation by means of microwave channel is used in it.

Manufacturer: Laser ITC. Ltd

Financial terminals

Yarus P2100


Manufacturer: Terminal Technologies

Sporting training and Game simulators


Shooter training system SCATT USB is used for fixed target training at distances from 4 to 12 meters and imitates shooting from 10 to 300 meters, using pneumatic, small and large caliber sharpshooter weapons, archery bows, crossbows and other types of weapons.

Manufacturer: SCATT

Nanotechnology equipment


Selective (reactive-ion, anisotropic orientation dependent) plasma etching of dielectric and metal films.

Manufacturer: JSC "Research Institute of Precision Instruments"

Contractual services

R&D service

Our team can develop almost any wireless devices and electronic systems for the consumer market: it can be portable devices, measuring devices, integration devices with PC and etc.

Manufacturer: RUCAP Company

Electronic components


Application of spectrometric photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) is very wide. It can be used in photometry and spectrometry for weak light signals, in ecology, biophysics, medicine, geology, geophysics, nuclea physics, high energy physics, etc.

Manufacturer: OJSC NRI "Electron"

Zelenograd was founded in 1958 and later developed as a reflection of the US Silicon Valley. It was one of the most powerful centers of electronics, microelectronics and computer industry in the Soviet Union, and it still plays a similar role in modern Russia… en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zelenograd

Made in Zelenograd

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