Security systems


Sample products

Edic-mini Tiny A44

Edic-mini Tiny16 A44 - digital spy voice recorder designed in metallic case and powered from a replaceable rechargeable battery. Up to 1200h with voice activation system.

Manufacturer: TS-Market


Megapixel TV Cameras are used for generation of the high definition footage and sending it to computer via TCP/IP protocol. The possibility of working on different frequencies (FPS) allow to choose between resolution or frame rate.The cameras could be used as a substitute to the digital photo cameras, as an industrial cameras, in science, technic or medicine.

Manufacturer: EVS


The ULAN-2 is a Universal Analyzer of Wired Lines (Version 5). Wiretap detector is designed to detect unauthorized connections to different wired lines such as phone lines, AC networks, alarm circuits, etc.

Manufacturer: NOVO Corporation

Industrial equipment

Automatic controllers

Feature-rich electrical automatic control cabinets and automatic control boxes for pumps, pumping stations, ventilation systems and etc.

Manufacturer: OptimElectro Ltd

Semiconductor devices


Two channel LVDS interface transceiver with data rate up to 400Mb/s

Manufacturer: Milandr

Semiconductor materials

Germanium single crystal

OJSC GERMANIUM produces Germanium monocrystalline of different types: mono for solar cells (SC-Solar Cell), mono-IR and mono of special application.

Manufacturer: OJSC GERMANIUM

Measurement equipment


Measurement unit for continuous automatic monitoring of the radioiodine concentration in the working air and in the air discharge system. Operation is possible as either a stand-alone unit or as part of the automated radiation monitoring systems

Manufacturer: SPC Doza

Medical equipment


Capnograph CARDEX MAR-02 is intended for observation of the patient condition in resuscitation and emergency rooms

Manufacturer: CARDEX

Platelet aggregation analyzer

Aggregation Analyzers are designed to study aggregation of the platelets or other cells, to determine concentration of the cells in a suspension, and to assess their shape.

Manufacturer: BIOLA

Electrical equipment

Regulated DC power supplies

Provide power to LED linears, LEDs and other redioelectronic products.

Manufacturer: IRBIS

Telecom equipment


3.3 - 3.7 GHz dual-polarized all-weather directional MIMO antenna with a built-in modem ZTE AX-320USB Dongle.

Manufacturer: Delta

Financial terminals

Yarus K2100

Unattended Payment Terminal

Manufacturer: Terminal Technologies

Sporting training and Game simulators

Biathlon USB

SCATT Biathlon USB is used for the shooting training of Biathletes. This system has five targets set at a distance of 5 meters and imitates shooting at 50 meters. This system not only measures fixed aiming trajectory, but also the weapon's trajectory movement onto the next target.

Manufacturer: SCATT

Nanotechnology equipment

Plasma TM 200

Plasma chemical and reactive-ion etching of conducting and dielectric materials

Manufacturer: JSC "Research Institute of Precision Instruments"

Contractual services

Electronic components

Double triodes

Miniature double triode with separate indirectly heated cathodes with spiral heater is intended for being employed as phase inverter or as double amplifier with resistive feedback.

Manufacturer: Voshod-KRLZ

Zelenograd was founded in 1958 and later developed as a reflection of the US Silicon Valley. It was one of the most powerful centers of electronics, microelectronics and computer industry in the Soviet Union, and it still plays a similar role in modern Russia… en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zelenograd

Made in Zelenograd

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