Security systems


Sample products


Passive infrared sensors (PIR sensors)

Manufacturer: Rielta


MFP-8000 can be used to measure frequency and power of radio signals in a wide range of development, diagnostic, adjustment and search applications related to radio devices.

Manufacturer: NPP Elvira


Auto-Number is a License plate recognition system. The license plate number recognition system allows easy automated access to any territory be it a shopping center parking lot, industrial enterprise territory or a toll highway. Pass cards are not necessary – the license plate number will be the pass card. The advantages are evident - you don't need to have it with you, show to the security officer or put to the reader, you won't be able to leave it somewhere or pass to another person.

Manufacturer: ELVEES

Industrial equipment


The column gaz-filling KPG-1A with a mass flowmeter, is intended for refuelling motor transport by the compressed natural gas - METANE

Manufacturer: JSC PEC "Sumygazmash"

Semiconductor devices


BlueShark - convinitent SODIMM module based on OMAP3530 for embedded, industrial and multimedia applications.

Manufacturer: Mentor Electronics LLC

Semiconductor materials

Germanium polycrystalline

Germanium polycrystalline has very high chemical purity - 6N (99.9999%, weight), its resistivit is under t=23°C not less than 47 Ohm×cm.

Manufacturer: OJSC GERMANIUM

Measurement equipment


Beam vibration gyroscope is designed for measuring the angle velocity of objects. It can be used in the systems operating in conditions of high overloads.

Manufacturer: ELPA Company

Medical equipment

MAP-02 for ambulance

Patient Monitor CARDEX MAP-02 for ambulance is intended for observation of the patient condition in the ambulance, resuscitation and intensive therapy rooms

Manufacturer: CARDEX


Transoesophageal endocardial pacemaker. Detects hidden coronary insufficiency (ischemic heart disease), evaluates myocardial reserve, examines sinus node functioning, characterizes sinoatrial and atrioventicular nodal behaviour, examines functioning of various parts of cardiac conduction system, induces and reduces supraventricular rhythm disorders with the purpose of identifying disorder electrophysiological mechanisms, which helps to choosing effective antianginal and antiarrhythmic therapy

Manufacturer: DMS Advanced Technologies

Electrical equipment

Solar Cells and Arrays of Space Application

NPP «Kvant» started activity on PV in 1957. For today «Kvant» developed and manufactured nearly 2000 SA for SC.

Manufacturer: NPP Kvant

Telecom equipment


For the FSO laser link network on distances of up to 7 km an original hybrid radio-optic solution constructed on the basis of M1 FE-2A model has been developed.

Manufacturer: MOSTCOM Ltd.

Financial terminals

Yarus K2100

Unattended Payment Terminal

Manufacturer: Terminal Technologies

Sporting training and Game simulators

UM16 modular tracking device

UM16 optical tracking system guarantees coordinate measurement accuracy (±1 mm) and accurate angles setting (±1degree) and it is much cheaper than another head tracking product.

Manufacturer: RUCAP Company

Nanotechnology equipment


Laser resistor trimmer ML5-1 is intended for manual and automatic laser trimming of thin-film and thick-film resistors on polycor, glass-ceramic and ceramic substrates.

Manufacturer: Lasers and Apparatus

Contractual services

Custom IC design

IDM offers services in the field of digital, mixed-signal, analog and RF – IP and IC design.

Manufacturer: IDM Ltd

Electronic components

Zelenograd was founded in 1958 and later developed as a reflection of the US Silicon Valley. It was one of the most powerful centers of electronics, microelectronics and computer industry in the Soviet Union, and it still plays a similar role in modern Russia… en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zelenograd

Made in Zelenograd

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