Security systems


Sample products


Orwell-R station is a coherent range-Doppler pulse Ku-band radar with a digital data processing system. The Orwell-R system is designed to be used in surveillance and security systems, including security systems integrated with video cameras and other sensors.

Manufacturer: ELVEES

Edic-mini Tiny A44

Edic-mini Tiny16 A44 - digital spy voice recorder designed in metallic case and powered from a replaceable rechargeable battery. Up to 1200h with voice activation system.

Manufacturer: TS-Market


Designed for remote video surveillance system organization with ability to send video image via wired and wireless connection channels.

Manufacturer: Rielta

Industrial equipment


Versatile application of electric motor soft starters makes them effective in pumps, compressors, centrifuges, machine tools, ventilation systems, escalators, conveyors and other lifting, textile, press, milling, crushing and calendar equipment.

Manufacturer: OptimElectro Ltd

Semiconductor devices


The product is based on ARM Ltd. license for 32-bit R®Cortex™- microprocessor core. The microcontroller has a wide choice of peripherals

Manufacturer: Milandr

Semiconductor materials

Metallic Germanium

OJSC GERMANIUM produces metallic germanium in two different forms: in form of gray powder and in form of granules.

Manufacturer: OJSC GERMANIUM

Measurement equipment

Microwave relaxometer

Microwave relaxometer is designed for express non-destructive contactless local measurement of non-equilibrium charge carrier effective lifetime in silicon substrates, epi-wafers and solar cells at different stages of manufacturing cycle.

Manufacturer: Telecom-STV

Medical equipment

Sensor models

Company DMS Advanced Technologies produces several kinds of sensor modules which measure blood pressure, pulse rate and ECG. Among them 24-hour arterial blood pressure and pulse rate monitor - the world’s smallest monitor for measuring systolic, diastolic and average BP and pulse rate in adults and children during their everyday activities.

Manufacturer: DMS Advanced Technologies


Handy Pulse Oximeter CARDEX PO-02 OLED is intended for observation after patient condition in resuscitation and emergency rooms

Manufacturer: CARDEX

Electrical equipment

DC/DC converters

DC/DC converters are industrial power supplies. They have a wide application in distributed power systems where rectified and filtered voltage of the primary power supply is either directly distributed around the powered system or goes through a DC/DC converter that adjusts the levels of voltage and current to each particular load.

Manufacturer: IRBIS

Telecom equipment

USB 2.0

This device is an extension cable between USB device and host (computer) with embedded into connector “intelligent” integrated circuits on both sides of the cable.

Manufacturer: UniqueICs

Financial terminals

Yarus C2100

POS Terminal Combined with Cash Register

Manufacturer: Terminal Technologies

Sporting training and Game simulators

Tracker RUCAP UM-5

The RUCAP UM-5 tracker is 3D head tracking device. Head tracker defines the player’s position against the screen and the direction of the player’s head rotation with high precision.

Manufacturer: RUCAP Company

Nanotechnology equipment

Izotron TM

Low temperature chemical vapour deposition, including CVD of doped and non-doped silicon dioxide layers with the use of concentrated reagents at low pressure (fore-vacuum)

Manufacturer: JSC "Research Institute of Precision Instruments"

Contractual services

PCB design and layout

Our company specialises in design of high-complexity printed circuit boards (PCBs). Our team of qualified engineers has a long-standing experience in design of complex digital devices. We also offer manual layout of PCBs which allows increasing the design quality and requires only slightly longer performance time.

Manufacturer: SMP-Service

Electronic components

Zelenograd was founded in 1958 and later developed as a reflection of the US Silicon Valley. It was one of the most powerful centers of electronics, microelectronics and computer industry in the Soviet Union, and it still plays a similar role in modern Russia… en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zelenograd

Made in Zelenograd

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