Mini Digital Voice Recorder for business applications

When you think about products used for voice recording, you may think of the old-style tape recorder or a smaller cassette recorder; however, now you will find a new generation of mini digital voice recorder. This amazing device records voice messages into a flash memory, which means that it is very compact or small, and it also can handle quite a bit of memory. In fact, some of these voice recording devices can record up to 2400 hours of voice messages. Never again will you have to haul a tape recorder around and hope you have an outlet to plug it into or enough battery time to record what you need. In fact, these innovative devices may remind you of James Bond and the spy world since they are so small, yet extremely functional.

Of course, these kinds of devices may be used by law enforcement personnel and private investigators, but you may wonder where the mini digital voice recorder would be used in the business world. There are actually many very helpful uses for this exciting device in the world of business. Some of the uses that come quickly to mind include recording meetings, recording ideas, and playing back recordings during business presentations.

Looking at the first example, many people used to take large or small tape recorders to meetings and turn them on to record the proceedings. However, if the meeting went too long, the recorder would turn itself off as soon as the tape ran out, and you would have to turn the tape over or insert a new tape as needed. Not only was this somewhat disruptive to the meeting, but there would invariably be those times when you didn't notice that the tape had turned off and you missed recording some vital information.

mini digital voice recordersWith the new mini digital voice recorder devices, you could have up to 2400 hours of voice that can be recorded, so you really should be able to handle even the longest meeting and record all of the pertinent information. These devices are quite small, so they would not be disruptive in the meeting. You can go back to your office and listen to the parts of the meeting that pertain to you, and then do your job the best it can be done in regards to that meeting and your assignments. You may be able to impress the boss with your dedication to the company and your ability to remember action items from meetings. If you are meeting with businessmen from other countries who have thick accents or who have interpreters working with them, you can use a mini digital voice recorder to record what they say and then go back and listen to that recording to make sure you really understand what was being said so that you can move forward in doing business with them.

The second most likely use is to record your own ideas. If you are the kind of person that does some of his best thinking on the golf course, for instance, then you know how unreliable your caddy can be when you ask him to write down some of the great ideas you invariably have when your ball is in the rough. With a mini digital voice recorder, you can record anything almost anywhere. You can turn it on before you begin your game and turn it off after the last ball has been retrieved. The point is that you can capture your ideas no matter where you are when you have them. You can go back and listen to them later and tweak them until they really show you what you have been thinking. Using a mini digital voice recorder is a great way to record any ideas you have while you are on vacation or on the way to work.

Finally, business presentations using programs like Power Point are very popular. Just imagine how much of an impact you can make if you include a voice recording from your mini digital voice recorder in your presentation to your supervisor. You can have the actual voice of the person saying what you would have otherwise simply typed up as a quote, for a much bigger impact.

Of course, there may be many other uses of these exciting devices that may really come in handy for your business. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

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