Panoramic Video Surveillance is new generation of CCTV

Many businesses use some type of video surveillance for an added security measure. Most companies have used a number of stationary cameras placed at strategic spots around the business to provide them with video surveillance of specific areas near the business, such as entrances. These cameras can transmit the images that they pick up, but the fact that they are stationary often means that only a portion of the image is actually captured. The new generation of panoramic video surveillance units is set to take over the market of video surveillance equipment with greater functionality and lower costs.

Panoramic video surveillance systemOne of the important benefits of the panoramic video surveillance system is that it comes with the ability to track motion. The dome camera works at high speed with both digital and optical zoom options. The cameras are linked with a video processor for camera control. The processor will also provide information analysis and will archive images. The lens will automatically zoom to the area of motion and adjust the clarity of the picture so that an object or person can usually be recognizable within a 100 meter radius. This type of a system often includes stationary cameras in the dome so that the standard view can be evaluated and the smart panoramic system will know where the objects in its field of vision are located and what they are. As objects or people move across the field of vision, it can predict the direction of approach as well as the most likely future destination. Unlike the 360-degree CCTV which picks up everything in its field of view all of the time, the panoramic system includes the entire view of the area being scanned by stationary cameras while the dome camera is ready to move to any area where motion is in progress. This means that you have better resolution of the areas of movement.

With many of these systems, you can program the panoramic video surveillance system to recognize objects in order of importance, often in four basic designations based on your personal needs. These four areas may be something along the lines of the lowest level being items to ignore, the next level might be considered normal with a third level to pay attention to and a fourth or highest level in the alarm mode. This allows the intelligent processors in the camera to track the moving objects of the highest priority when there are multiple moving objects in the various levels. Because it will focus on the highest priority object, it is helpful to use it in an area that does not have a high frequency of high priority moving objects. In other words, a private business with an individual entrance may be an excellent spot for this type of system. It can track the open spaces with high efficiency and will alert you to high priority actions.

As you may imagine, it will cost you less money to use one or two panoramic video surveillance units than to stick with the multiple stationary CCTV cameras that you may currently have. One reason is that you will only need a minimum number of the panoramic units to cover a wide area, while you would have needed multiple stationary cameras to cover the same amount of ground. There is also the possibility of operator error with stationary cameras, if you have a camera that can have the field of view adjusted. In addition, the resolution of the panoramic video surveillance system is designed to be high, even while tracking moving objects. It can operate 24 hours each day in an automatic mode and requires little if any maintenance, which can further reduce your costs for security, instead of having to pay for maintenance on multiple stationary cameras.

You can use the software that is connected to the panoramic video surveillance system for a variety of options. The camera operator can view the movements of people or objects in real time as the camera follows the different priority objects across its field of vision. You can also view images from the archive so that you can go to a specific time, location or event and view the saved files. This gives you a much greater ability to track things that may have happened leading up to a specific event and can really assist you in your security measures.

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