The software of CMS CARDEX 1000 is intended for usage with any CARDEX monitors. The Complex can be customized to each hospital requirements. Friendly interface helps to diagnose different critical state of the patients and analyze all data

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603093, Russia, Nighny Novgorod, Rodionova str., 192/1


The complex is intended for noninvasive examinations with the help of esophageal electrostatic copying method and noninvasive heart electrostimulation, as well as for stress testing with atrium stimulation to detect myocardial ischemia.

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EGG and BP monitoring system

Ambulatory ECG and BP monitoring system Astrocard ® - holter analysis(Astrocard® - Holtersystem). Complex of the new generation provides recording ECG on 3 or\and 12 leads, BP recording, analysis of arrhythmia and ST dynamics, analysis of pacemaker, rhythm variability, high resolution ECG analysis, QT interval analysis and other abilities.

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The system has been developed for heart-state monitoring in large population groups. It is achieved due to compact size of the cardio-monitor and possibility of data-transmitting by e-mail.

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121609, Russia, Moscow, p.o.b. 36/2 Rublevskoe highway, of.334



Based on up-to-date methods of computer processing of electrophysiological signals and offers an advantage of analysis, graphic viewing and storing of received data, automation of researching process

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RECORD is a load test system. It consists of a monitor, corival bicycle ergometer and a processing system. Its software has a wide range of capabilities: availability of a real-time ECG picture, current heart rate, alarm signalling in case of dangerous arrhythmias and others.

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24-hour electrocardiogram and arterial blood pressure monitoring system is designed for long-time measuring and evaluation of electrocardiogram (ECG) and blood pressure (BP) readings in mobile out-of-hospital and hospital patients.

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