MCScap is a textile EEG-recording cap with removable electrodes placed according to 10-20 or 10-10 systems. MCScap combines the advantages of textile caps with possibility of simple reconfiguration and replacement of bad electrodes.

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Neurobelt wireless EEG

Biomedical wireless amplifier NeuroBelt NB-EEG4 intended for long-term recording and wireless transmission up to 4 channels of EEG.

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NeuroScope is a family of PC-based digital encephalographs. These compact units combine the benefits of a paperless EEG with record quality and the ease of use normally associated with paper-and-pen models.

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NVX EEG system

NVX52, NVX36 and NVX24 are digital amplifiers for acquisition up to 48, 32 or 24 EEG/ExG DC channels and up to 4 auxiliary AUX channels from biomedical sensors.

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