Stand alone network video recorder Tral 5 SD functions as a converter of analog video to compressed digital stream for subsequent recording to a removable SDHC memory card and possible transfer over the local network. The device is designed to perform video recording on non-moving as motion activated DVR and mobile objects alike. Digital video recorder Tral 5 SD provides a USB interface for connection of a GPS receiver.

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The one-channel Tral 5.1 Video Encoder offers a highly compact design with superb H.264 performance.

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Tral 32 ATM mini-DVRs are specially designed for smooth integration with ATMs and successful solution of banking security tasks. CCTV in teller machines is widely used to disclose fraud and vandalism, and to improve security of bank card use by clients during deposit and withdrawal of cash.

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Professional H.264 recording of video and audio data onto SD or SDHC flash memory cards at the capacity up to 32 Gb. 4 channel portable DVR provides the opportunity to insert up to 4 memory cards for alternate recording.

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