Established in:

  • 1994


We are a mass-produce power supplier that are certified for use in household appliances. In addition, our specialists are working to create and prepare specialized sources of supply for mass production. We can modify our serial products for your requirements or to develop a product to customer's specifications.

In 2000, together with public utilities, "Rudny Power Grid Company" Republic of Kazakhstan, Rudny, we began developing and industrial tests of the hardware to integrate and manage the delivery of electricity. Currently tested in Rudny feeder modules.

Since 2005, we develop and manufacture voltage converters 115 to 220V 50Hz 400Hz 400Hz and 115 to 220V 50Hz. Transducers are designed for workplace organization to adjust and configure the products of aviation technology, ensuring power household appliances on board aircraft, etc.

Static frequency converter

Converts power supply of triphase 115V 400Hz to single phase - 220V 50Hz. The static frequency changers are designed to power laptop computers, audio/video entertainment systems, portable electronics , microwave ovens, coffee makers and medical equipment in airborne, marine and ground mobile applications

Made in Zelenograd

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