Cronyx Telecom

Established in:

  • 1996

Primary business:


Cronyx Telecom is well-known in Russia and CIS countries as a developer, manufacturer, and supplier of state-of-the-art communication equipment for digital data networks.

Now our team is a strong and solid group of associates representing a union of youth and maturity. Top managers and experts of our company have gained a wealth of business experience in modern Russia as well as an experience in scientific, technical, and industrial fields at enterprises and institutions of Russian Academy of Sciences and defense establishment that provided a high level of defence capacity and national security in the former USSR.

Cronyx Telecom has its own plant with an effective inspection and diagnostics system that ensures the up-to-date quality of released equipment. Our company develops products using the latest progress in microelectronics achieved by leading companies worldwide.

It is generally assumed that the future of network technologies and telecommunications market appertains to end-to-end solutions. Therefore, Cronyx Telecom advances a new line of its activity - development of custom-made and special digital communication equipment for implementation of end-to-end solutions for corporate clients.

Now our company positions in the market as a small yet highly effective scientific, technical, and engineering enterprise specializing in the advancement of newest network technologies based on the equipment of its own development.


E1 mux with voice compression, for transmitting digital data over framed (G.704) E1 voice channels. Has two E1 channels and one digital port. Voice data from one E1 channel are compressed and directed to a second E1 port, the free space is used for data from digital port. Digital interface options include Ethernet, V.35, RS-530, RS232, X.21. Rack mount option (slot in 19'' 3U rack).


Multiplexors FMUX/S transmit 8 or 16 E1 channels and Ethernet 10/100/1000Base-T channel with 1000 Mbps bandwidth over fiber optic link. 1U rack mount construction for 19'' cabinet.


Interface converter for G.703 64 kbps channels (codirectional). Synhronous and asynchronous protocols are supported. Models with interfaces Ethernet, V.35, RS-530, RS232.


TC-PAM modem for 2-wire leased lines with Ethernet data port. Data rate up to 2304 kbit/sec. Distance up to 10 km, dependend on cable. Remote management via SNMP protocol.


The Sigma-22 is a middle speed (up to 384 kbps) synchronous/asynchronous adapter intended for use with IBM PC and compatible computers.

Made in Zelenograd

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