Established in:

  • 1961


Central Research Institute "CYCLONE"

The Central Research Institute «Cyclone» was established in June 1961 within the framework of the Ministry of electronic industry of the USSR. It was the leading research organization in the industry. Today the main research, development and production activity aim at the field of modern electro optical devices and systems.

Now «Cyclone» will carry out scale operations in the field of creation of modern electro-optical systems and instruments.

A priority direction in this area:

  • Design, development and production of thermal imaging cameras and systems
  • Design, development and production of low-light level television video cameras
  • Design, development and production of thermal imaging modules based on uncooled microbolometer FPA
  • Design, development and production of thermal imaging systems based on QWIP technology
  • Design, development and production of multispectral systems
  • Design, development and manufacturing various types of lenses for IR and video systems

On the basis of developed low-light level television and thermal imaging modules the institute creates a number of systems for surveillance of various assignment working in a wide range visible and IR spectrum and large distance of detection. The systems have high resolution and quality of television and thermal images.


Dual band system «Griffin» offer effective surveillance solutions. Original coaxial design of the lens permit to observe objects simultaneously in visual and IR spectrum without any switching.


Low-light level TV camera «Merlin» is meant for detection and recognition of objects as well as for surveillance and observation on long range (up to 20 km) under different lighting conditions.


Osprey is ideal for surveillance, reconnaissance, search and rescue applications

Made in Zelenograd

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