The company was founded in 1993 by experts in the computer and microprocessing systems industry (Science Centre Research Institute, Zelenograd) and since then has been constantly and systematically growing, adopting new areas of activity, developing and manufacturing new types of products and increasing its sales volumes. The number of the company’s employees has been steadily growing.

Supported by its top specialists, increased competence in the selected areas and expanded knowledge of target markets, the company creates new solutions and types of products together with streamlining previously developed ones.

Areas of activity

  • Development and production of high-technology electronics for: air traffic dispatch control, power, engineering facilities dispatch control, industry-specific solutions (railway transport, motor-vehicle transport, etc.)
  • Development and production of digital video surveillance and audio registration systems
  • Distribution of German electrotechnical products (authorised distributor of WAGO, Jokari, TestBoy, Bernstein)
  • Special projects and custom development of electronic equipment

Technological innovation of the majority of the company’s products rests upon solutions and own developments that had been created for various target clients – state institutions and organisations, including military ones. Later on, the company put the potential of these solutions into a number of commercially manufactured products.

For air traffic dispatch control:

  • Voice communication system Kamerton
  • Voice communication system Gran’
  • Process documentation system T911
  • Dispatcher control panel
  • Dispatcher tablet

For power engineering facilities dispatch control:

  • Integrated operational information system KOTMI
  • Central send/receive station TsPPS KOTMI
  • Telemechanics equipment for remote stations KP KOTMI
  • Information display system Blik

For railway transport:

  • Video suveillance system for electric trains
  • Magnetometer for rail joints Styk-3D
  • Common timing systems (time and frequency meters)

Video surveillance and audio registration systems:

  • Special-purpose compact video registrators for transport (Oko-Archive AVTO, Oko-Archive AVTO GPS, Oko-Archive ZhD)
  • Compact standalone remote video surveillance systems (Oko videomodem, Oko-Mobile, Oko-Mobile II, Oko-Mobile 3G)
  • Standalone compact video registrators (Oko-Archive Light, Oko-Archive Light CF, Oko-Archive II 4Net, Oko-Archive II 4Net LE, Oko-Archive III 4Net, Oko-Archive III 4Net LE)

Certain products manufactured by the company in fact have no direct equivalents either in Russia or abroad. Due to this, the company’s products find their successful and long-term implementation in all kinds of air transport facilities (airports, dispatch centres), power engineering facilities (local subdivisions of RAO UES), among transportation companies and in various other industries.

Advances and awards

Decima company is a regular participant of the largest industry exhibitions and a holder of numerous diplomas issued by their organisers. The company has also received a lot of thank-you letters from its clients.

Among most recent achievements: winner (1st prize out of 14 nominees) of the Best Innovative Product award at the MIPS-2010 exhibition for professional video recorder for motor vehicles Oko-Archive AVTO GPS. The company received an honorary diploma and a gold medal.

Company’s perspective and strategy

The company purports to strengthen its market position in the chosen sectors. The company’s management policy is always aimed at improvement of its teamwork organisation and methods, and enhancement of social benefits available to its employees. The company’s plans comprise further build-up of production capacities and efficient development of available facilities.

Oko-Archive 4Net

Network video/audio recorder Oko-Archive 4Net.

Oko-Archive AVTO GPS

Video surveillance systems: Professional Video Recorders for Transport Applications: Oko-Archive AVTO and Oko-Archive AVTO GPS.


GSM/LAN/Internet video surveillance system based on Oko-Mobile II compact video recorder.

Made in Zelenograd

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