DMS Advanced Technologies

DMS Advanced Technologies is in search of new solutions with unique capabilities.They is pleased to offer their clients a wide range of diagnostic systems to suit their versatile needs. Among company's products you will definitely find the one that will best meet your individual requirements.

DMS Advanced Technologies is one of the leaders in cardiac diagnostic system engineering, that is why choosing any product of DMS Advanced Technologies you can be sure that you have an excellent product that features:

  • most up-to-date technologies and engineering methods
  • always superior characteristics and maximum comfort in operation
  • high effectiveness and reliability
  • distinctive and attractive design

They highly values their clients and strives to make their dreams come true.


Transoesophageal endocardial pacemaker. Detects hidden coronary insufficiency (ischemic heart disease), evaluates myocardial reserve, examines sinus node functioning, characterizes sinoatrial and atrioventicular nodal behaviour, examines functioning of various parts of cardiac conduction system, induces and reduces supraventricular rhythm disorders with the purpose of identifying disorder electrophysiological mechanisms, which helps to choosing effective antianginal and antiarrhythmic therapy


RECORD is a load test system. It consists of a monitor, corival bicycle ergometer and a processing system. Its software has a wide range of capabilities: availability of a real-time ECG picture, current heart rate, alarm signalling in case of dangerous arrhythmias and others.

Sensor models

Company DMS Advanced Technologies produces several kinds of sensor modules which measure blood pressure, pulse rate and ECG. Among them 24-hour arterial blood pressure and pulse rate monitor - the world’s smallest monitor for measuring systolic, diastolic and average BP and pulse rate in adults and children during their everyday activities.


24-hour electrocardiogram and arterial blood pressure monitoring system is designed for long-time measuring and evaluation of electrocardiogram (ECG) and blood pressure (BP) readings in mobile out-of-hospital and hospital patients.

Made in Zelenograd

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