Established in:

  • 1991

Primary business:


Elatomsky Instrument Factory was established in Elatma Ryazan Region in the late 70-ies of the XX century, as a branch of Ryazan Instrument Plant. In 1991 the plant has acquired the status of an independent enterprise. In November 1992, it became a public company.

JSC Elatomsky Instrument Plant "

A new history of the company began with the development of medical equipment. Portable physical therapy apparatus Elatomskogo instrument factory quickly gained prominence and popularity among medical and patients. They are created by designers and doctors on the basis of fundamental scientific discoveries and take into account biological rhythms and other important parameters of the human body, without which it can not be an effective treatment.

The devices come full cycle medical tests, have certificates of compliance and registration certificates of the Ministry of Public Health.


MAGOFON device makes the contact simultaneous action by variable magnetic field (30 millitesla induction) and vibroacoustic oscillation (ranges 0,02-20kHz) on pathology focus.


MAVIT (ULP -01) device for prostate gland inflammatory diseases thermal vibromassage magnetic therapy

Polymag -01

The device is intended to be applied for low-frequency, low-intensive magnetic field therapy


Ultrasonic Cleaners - the systems for medical tools mechanized ultrasonic pre-sterilizing cleaning. The process is provided with light and audible indication

Made in Zelenograd

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