ELPA Company

Established in:

  • 1964

Primary business:


ELPA Company is the successor of "Piezoelement" plant, which was founded in 1964 at Research Institute of Piezo Technology.

Today ELPA Company ranks as the Russian leader in the development and manufacturing of specific research based products: piezoceramic materials, piezoceramic devices and acousto-electronic products.

Since then about 300 R&D projects have been conducted and manufacturing of the following products was organized on their basis:

  • Piezo ceramic materials (more than 30 types) and elements on their basis (disks, plates, rings, spheres, etc.)
  • Piezo ceramic filters, resonators and discriminators for the frequency range from 10 kHz to 30 ╠Hz
  • Piezo receivers for hydro acoustics and seismic prospecting
  • Piezo gyroscopes
  • Piezo transformers
  • Consumer goods (ultrasonic washing device, electronic arterial pressure monitor, ozone generator etc.)
  • Piezo actuators for adaptive optics
  • SAW filters, resonators and generators for the frequency range from 30 ╠Hz to 1.5 GHz

At present, 2 members of Russian Academy of Engineering Sciences, 2 doctors of technical sciences, 15 candidates of science and more than 50 leading specialists, researchers and designers are contributing to ELPA activity. ELPA Company is the participant of the joint Russia-Belarus program: "Functional Microwave Electronics-2" and the Federal special program ". Reforming and Development of Defense Industry Complex".

ELPA supplies its products to more than 400 companies located both in Russia and abroad.


Beam vibration gyroscope is designed for measuring the angle velocity of objects. It can be used in the systems operating in conditions of high overloads.


The device emits ultrasonic signals and receives the emitted or reflected signals. It can operate separately as a receiver or as a transceiver

Piezoceramic stack actuators

Piezoceramic stack actuators are made by stacking monolithic multilayer elements having alternating ceramic and electrode layers.

SAW Filters

Frequency selection of useful signals in board and terrestrial communication equipment.

Made in Zelenograd

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