Energy-T Ltd.

Established in:

  • 1990

Primary business:


The company’s specialists have vast experience in the development, manufacture and implementation of:

  • high-voltage and low-voltage converters
  • alternating and direct current power supply sources for various loads, including pulse loads
  • filter compensation devices
  • high-voltage and low-voltage power factor correction units for reactive power compensation
  • automatic control systems for power supplies and converters

Energy-T is an authorised distributor of products manufactured by ZEZ-Silko s.r.o., Czech Republic, which specialises in producing power capacitors (Certificate No. 02 RU dd November 1, 2001).

Automatic control system

Designed for automatic control of controlled shunt reactor (CSR) inductance by means of semiconductor converters

Automatic correction setting system

System purpose is the determination of capacity currents in 6-35 kV networks and setting of biasing-controlled arc-suppression coils (ASCs)

Made in Zelenograd

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