FSUE SPA "Analitpribor"

FSUE SPA "ANALITPRIBOR" is the Russian leading company in gas analyzing technology. ANALITPRIBOR products include over 50 instruments from simple de-vices used in municipal engineering to complex systems implemented in oil, gas, chemical, coal and metal industries. Our products contribute a lot to labour safety, saving of energy resources, environment protection and in-process measurement.

Such types of gas analyzers as , , , are used not only within Russian boundaries but also in foreign countries.

On account of the fact that current gas analyzing is high-end technology making use of latest achievements of microelectronics our company is ready to carry out all de-signing, mounting, commissioning as well as turnkey works. We also organize special courses at our training centre helping servicing staff to learn more on our products operation.


Designed for automatic continuos measurement of dissolved oxygen in feed water of boilers during the monitoring of power units’ chemistry condition.


Designed for continuous automatic measuring of airflow speed at coal mines atmosphere, where hazardous gases and dust concentrations can be found, as a part of mine air monitoring systems, for example, as a part of - complex


The gas analyzer is designed for the continuous automatic measuring of one, two or three components in multi component gas mixtures , 2, S2, H2, N2, C4, NO, 2 at technological processes control.


Designed to indicate oxygen content in effluent gases of fuelburn apparatus, to alarm on oxygen increase or decrease according to set values, air with the purpose of combustion optimization and also carbon oxide and hydrocarbons.

Made in Zelenograd

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