Established in:

  • 1991


  • 30

Primary business:


Brief description of organization

IDM Ltd. founded in 1991 as private company to accumulate the design skills of a groups of experienced world-class specialists in the field of IC design.

IDM is looking for foreign partner/customer to provide high-quality and cost-effective design services in the field of mixed-signal, analog and RF IP and IC design.
IDM is looking for foreign partner for joint developments in the field of multi-purpose high- performance computing and development of multi- and hetero-processors SOC and appropriate system-level design environment.


In the framework of international cooperation IDM design team has demonstrated the ability to provide cost-effective and high-quality design services for well-known foreign companies:

  • Mietec-Alcatel, Belgium (1994)
  • GEC Plessey Semiconductors, UK (1996-1998)
  • Mitel Semiconductor, UK-Canada (1998-2000)
  • Zarlink Semiconductor, UK-Canada (2001-2005)
  • Intel, USA/UK (2005-2009)

Distinguished features of Analog/RF design team

  • Deep knowledge of semiconductor device physics, radio- and microelectronics and technology
  • Excellent knowledge of EDA tools intended for IC design
  • Deep understanding of device models and their simulation

allow our team:

  • To design and optimize schematics and layouts for RF, analog, high speed, ultra-low power, low noise and precise applications
  • To create, optimize and use specific components such as RF inductors, MOM capacitors, varactors, RF bonding pads, etc.
  • To design and measure test chips and test PCB prototypes for evaluation of new solutions and to obtain absent device/technology information
  • To provide the most effective, reliable and innovative technical solutions in actual conditions.

Advantages for long-term partnership

  • Highly qualified, productive and cost-effective IDM design team provides of innovative leading-edge solutions for the analog and RF ICs
  • Fully equipped design center and stable business environment
  • Many years’ experience in international cooperation and the ability to work in distributed international design teams on the basis of international industry design standards

Custom IC design

IDM offers services in the field of digital, mixed-signal, analog and RF – IP and IC design.

Past projects include:

  • Dual band digital cellular RF front-end device
  • 3 band Mixer Oscillator IC for digital Cable and TV tuners
  • Bluetooth RF front-end
  • 400 MHz ultra-low power transmitter for swallowable photocam
  • Modules for 0.7-1GHz low power transmitter for hearing aid device
  • 400MHz ultra-low power transceiver for medical implant communication system
  • Modules for WLAN transceiver, 0.13um RF CMOS (Chartered)
  • RF front-end blocks for 50MHz-1GHz single-chip cable dual TV tuner
  • Set of blocks for single-chip TV tuners

Made in Zelenograd

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