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  • 2001


Company AMICO was founded ten years ago. Since that time the company has been well known as the leader in production of X-ray equipment and accessories in Russia. We have hundreds of customers in Russia from small local hospitals to large clinics. You can find our equipment everywhere in Russia - from Kaliningrad in the West to Vladivostok in the East, from Norilsk in the North to Sochi in the South. Moreover in the recent years company AMICO has started exporting of its products - our equipment is already being used in Europe (Latvia, Bulgaria), Africa (Morocco), Asia (Mongolia), CIS countries. Everywhere due to its high quality and reliability our equipment has very good references from doctors: radiologists, surgeons, dentists.

Now AMICO JSC is a holding including Moscow office, one branch in Aprelevka (Moscow region) which manufactures X-ray systems for general radiology, ROENTGENPROM JSC (Istra and Protvino, Moscow region both) which produces chest X-ray survey systems and mobile X-ray rooms, ROENTGEN-KOMPLEKT Ltd. (Aleksandrov, Vladimir region) which produces X-ray protective accessories and film processing equipment.

Our motto is EVERYTHING FOR RADIOLOGY. We produce a complete spectrum of medical radiologic equipment and accessories, and we do a lot R&D works for designing new apparatus and models.

Our quality management system in designing, development, manufacturing, realization and technical service of X-ray medical devices, including mobile fluorographic rooms is based on the wellknown international standard EN ISO 9001:2000. In 2002 ROENTGENPROM JSC was certified according to standard EN ISO 9001:2000 by International Certification Services SGS (Switzerland). AMICO JSC has the same certificate issued by SGS since 2003. The 2004-audit, conducted by EUROCAT Institute for Certification and Testing (Germany), has proved that the quality system of ROENTGENPROM JSC is in compliance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 13485:2003 quality management system for medical equipment producers. Also, since 2004 our low-dose digital scanning fluorograph ProScan has CE Certificate from EUROCAT Institute for Certification and Testing (Germany), fulfills the requirements according to Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC.

In 2006 ’-ray units APCF-01-"AMICO" and ARGC-RP "ProGraphĒ got the —Ň -mark.In the beginning of 2007, the planned recertification of quality management system on ISO 9001:2000 compliance was carried out by notified body AFAQ AFNOR International (France). AFAQ's membership in the International certification network IQNet provides recognition of the certificate all over the world.


Dentalix has a typical for any other video-systems set of facilities including a sensor (CCD-matrix with 20 x 30 mm area X-ray field), a frame-grabber (for a video-signal converting) and PC with a software specialized for radiological images processing and storage.


It is an optimal mammography system suitable both for screening and diagnostic investigations


Digital fluorographic unit ProMatrix-4000 allows to get images on monitor screen instantly. The important advantage of ProMatrix-4000 is availability of two options to choose from stationary unit and boxes set unit.

Made in Zelenograd

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