Established in:

  • 1994


  • 6000

Primary business:


The history of our Corporation’s foundation and development is closely related to the newest history of Russia. The outrush economical and political changes which would be enough for the whole epoch required quick response from the management in choosing adequate instruments in this sphere to provide the maximum growth rate for the company.

Joint-Stock Company “Energomera Corporation” was founded in January, 1994, in the south of Russia in Stavropol. There were only 24 employees at the first months of its activity, but today we have more than 6000 people working at our enterprises. The Corporation consists of top-rated Russian enterprises: measuring equipment factory “Energomera”, electronic materials factory “Monocrystal” and, finally, electro-technical factory “Energomera”.

Our product portfolio includes complete model range of electronic devices and energy measuring systems, service and metrology equipment, equipment for electrochemical protection of underground pipelines from corrosion. We have gained the leading positions in Russia in terms of sales revenue and technical level of the products.

Our silicon substrates, resistive pastes and epitaxial structures “silicon-on-sapphire” are well known in electronic industry. We supply most of American, European and Asian top-ranked manufacturers of optics and electronics with our synthetic sapphire substrates, windows and blanks.

We put high targets in service and sales, the main of which is to satisfy present and future consumer’s requirements. Such policy enables us to double the production and sales of the main products every year, which means that our work is demanded and we are on the right way.


High-voltage cathodic protection junction box is designed for commercial usage in cathodic protection systems of metallic (steel) underground pipes.


Measurement and metering of energy in three-phase four-wire alternating current circuits with possibility of metering in one or two directions.Integration in the payment control system by means of remote data collection via digital interface, various inbuilt and external communication modules or IrDA channel

Made in Zelenograd

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