JSC "Zagorsky optical and mechanical plant"

Established in:

  • 1935

Primary business:


Open Joint-stock company "Zagorsky optical and mechanical plant" (ZOMZ) (based in 1935) one of the oldest of the enterprises of optical branch. Distinctive feature of our enterprise is manufacture of a wide spectrum of the optical mechanical and optical electronic devices combining an optimum parity the price/quality.

Production of the factory enjoies the deserved popularity not only in Russia, but also abroad. In the list of export production field-glasses, monoculars, the hunting sights and devices of night vision, medical and analytical devices.

The basic kinds of activity of Open Society "ZOMZ" are:

  • Development, manufacture and realization of production of technological and special purpose, the consumer goods
  • Carrying out of research both developmental works and rendering of services of industrial and nonindustrial character
  • Wholesale and retail trade
  • Transportations

The nomenclature of let out production:

  • Special equipment: optical aviation sights, heat direction-finders, heads of homing, station of laser detection, observant devices
  • Products of double purpose (devices of night vision on electron-optical converters 2 + and the third generation): glasses, sights, fieldglasses, monoculars; combined type "day-night" field-glasses, monoculars and sights, and also special day time field-glasses with stabilization of the image
  • Observant devices for the consumer market: a wide choice of day time field-glasses with increase from 8 up to 20 times, the hunting sights with variable increase at all kinds of the hunting and pneumatic weapon, monoculars, and also field-glasses and monoculars with night vision with image intensifier of 1-st generations
  • Medical equipment: slot-hole lamps, ophthalmoscopes, laser punchers, projective analyzers of a field of vision, the fundus - camera, complete sets of ophthalmoscopic lenses (the enterprise is the head developer and the manufacturer of the ophthalmologic equipment), and also photofluorographic camera
  • Production of common industrial purpose: spectrophotometers, photometers, polarimeters, nephelometers, luminance meters, and the other analytical devices intended for carrying out of researches of optical environments in medical and chemical laboratories, and also applied in technological processes of various branches of manufacture

Today in the structure the factory has: foundry manufactures and machine workshop, the closed optical manufacture providing manufacturing both mass, and unique flat, spherical and aspherical optics; manufacture of details from plastic; assembly manufactures by the basic kinds of production; test base, tool manufacture, mechanical-repair shop, the power unit, warehouse, access tracks from station "Sergiev Posad".

The saved up and kept mental potential, the spent marketing analysis allow to create really competitive production. The strategic line originality, scientific character and quality is the reliable base to save and the further development of the enterprise.


The device is designed for operative determination of oil-products content in natural effluent water and other substances, which have absorption bands in the spectral region 2.0-3.5 mkm. Extraction-photometrical method is a base of IR-analyser operation


The model KFK-5M is an easy to use portable photometer for field and laboratory use

Made in Zelenograd

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