Laser ITC. Ltd

Established in:

  • 2008


  • 17

Primary business:


«Laser Information Telecommunications LTD» is created in 2008 with assistance of regional venture fund of investments to smallscale enterprises in scientific and technical sphere of Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia.

Multipurpose innovative solutions on the basis of investigations in high-technology are the products that Laser ITC. Ltd. provides as for small business so for large-scale enterprises.

The Company is specialised in development and manufacture of equipment for wireless telecommucation - Free Space Optics. The Company owns modren equiped (with the devices produced in the USA and Japan) manufacturing proces of optical and electrical units and testing line.

The main purpose of our Company is to make broadband communication service more available for different categories of customers, providing flexible science intensive solutions for any profile enterprises.

Along with promotion of our products in internal market of Russia we are aiming to enter the markets of fast-developing countries, seeking for usage of high-tech products, such as China, Sri Lanka. Laser ITC. Ltd. is going to expand of its presence as trading so partnering cooperation at South-East Asian market and in Europe.

We are willing to give to the Market mobile and high-tech solutions for organizing fast and reliable link in large-scale logistic centers, port areas, on railway transport, in large-scale industrial and business centers.

Leading engineering achievements used in our equipment are developed by team of scientists and engineers highly qualified in optics and microelectronics. The novelty of engineering solutions is proved by two patents of Russian Federation ¹ 2306673, ¹ 2311738 and the Sertificate of Ministry of Telecommunications of Russian Federation ¹ OS-1-SP-0750.

The Company produses quick-operating devices for wireless data transmission through the atmosphere either with optical channel (FSO), or with researve radio channel:

• for transmission of Ethernet data with 100 Mbps rate

• for transmission of Ethernet and Å1 data flows with 2-100 Mbps rates

• for transmission of Ethernet and/or Å1 data flows with researve radio channel

The Company carries out own investigations (research work) developing of new installations with transmission rate up to 10 Gbps and increased reliability.

“Laser ITC. Ltd.” is always quick and high-grade solution for wireless data transmission.


Quick organisation of data transmission in the enterprise network or connection of a remote office, and technical conditions by free space laser ethernet bridge. Allow to establish wire connections by the time you need, OCS1-Ethernet 100 is a fast and reliable solution for optical free space communication.


OCS1/2-E1+Ethernet is a laser wireless bridge of data transmission and telephony, it is intended for communication statements and allows to multiplex into one channel up to 16 E1 flows and an Ethernet channel via free space optical laser communications.

OCS1-Ethernet 100 RRC

OCS1-Ethernet 100 RRC is a laser network bridge of optical communication with increased reliability and communication range (up to 3000m), a technology of atmospheric free space optical channel reservation by means of microwave channel is used in it.

Made in Zelenograd

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