Established in:

  • 1999


The MACDEL concept was developed in 1991.







e.g. medicine supply with modern technical means, in which information, intellectual, laser, electronic, and other high technologies are incorporated. Before 1999, the concept was developed in different companies. In 1999, CJSC MACDEL was established and then, in 2002, re-organized in CJSC MACDEL-Technologies. Besides implementation of the MACDEL Medical Program and in accordance with the Concept established in 1991, the re-organized CJSC MACDEL-Technologies also sales high technologies and applies them to industry. Stock certificates of the enterprise are for sale.

1. Organizational structure.
  • The regular staff includes 19 persons
  • The team of leading specialists related to the Company through the contract includes 25 persons. These people generate ideas but, as a rule, receive no remuneration until their ideas are realized in commercial products
  • The team of engineers includes 12 persons. They get wages from execution of real orders for electronic hardware and software design and manufacturing small batches of MACDEL laser therapeutic devices

The high competitive potential of MACDEL developments is defined by qualification of medical and technical experts employed in MACDEL on the contractual basis. They are doctors and candidates of sciences in technical and medical branches.

The engineering core consists of N. E. Bauman Moscow State Technical University graduates - the experts in the following branches:

  • metering (analogue) and digital electronics
  • optical electronics
  • laser engineering
  • software, including tasks of simulating physical processes and application of neurons network algorithms
2. Principal business directions

Medicine and technology

  • Research, development and promotion to market of intellectual technical facility complexes for human health monitoring (medicine, preventive therapy, valeology), including:
  • special devices or integrated complexes of functional diagnostic systems;
  • expert systems;
  • sets for physical therapy, including laser, electromagnetic, ultrasonic, micro puncture, and other methods;
  • devices and algorithms providing feedback in the “patient - diagnostics (determination of direction and method affecting) - executive set for physical therapy – patient” chain,
  • as well as specialized complexes, for example, to optimize reconstruction surgical operations in burn practice.
  • Manufacturing, sale and service of laser therapeutic devices (especially in ophthalmology), diagnostic systems, etc. Medical personnel training (refer to www.macdel.ru Website for details)
  • Development of high-tech optoelectronic and information systems (qualification requirements), for example, for innovation managers in scientific, technical and production spheres, and health managers (refer to www.macdel.ru Website for details)
  • Development of occupational standards
  • Installation and service of A+B-Accounting software complex


IR a "continuous" Laser MACDEL- 00.00.02 for laser therapy


Application - medicine of accidents, surgery, reflex-therapy, pulmanology, arthrology, gynecology, proctology, urology, gastroenterology, stomatology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, therapy, pediatrics, meonatology


Infrared laser set for correction of accommodation and refraction disorders of vision

Made in Zelenograd

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