Established in:

  • 1993


000 "Megaron" - the company since 1993 working in the market of electrical engineering and electronics.

During this time the company has developed a friendly team of professionals with extensive experience.

We develop and manufacture a variety of devices of power - power supplies, regulators, battery chargers, automatic control devices network, temperature controllers, power automation, as well as other devices for industrial and domestic purposes.

In our products we are using the latest developments in the field of semiconductor devices, ICs, microprocessors, production technology of electronic devices.

Our products are made with the best examples of domestic and imported hardware components are in great demand for Russian industrial enterprises, as well as consumers and repairers of computer and consumer applications.

The development of our company goes in several directions:

  • broadening the range of electronic products, including through the implementation of individual orders
  • increasing use of microprocessors for control designed and manufactured products,
  • use all the advantages of microprocessors through the creation of original algorithms and control programs
  • production co-operation with the best in "price - quality" by domestic manufacturers of electronic components and constructs

This allows you to maintain an advanced level of our development and to compete successfully with many companies operating in this market sector.


The Analyzer allows to estimate of the power characteristics of the battery during 5–15 seconds without carrying out of long control electric tests.

Made in Zelenograd

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