Established in:

  • 1907

Primary business:


Moscow electro-lamp plant (MELZ) began its historical way since 1907 when the first Russian workshop of electric-lamps has started development of innovative, on those times, project.

In two decades all scattered lamp productions of Moscow were united in one territory where was formed powerful enterprise for production of light sources and then vacuum electronic devices.

During of 100-years period of development MELZ many times became the leader of the whole directions of instrument manufacture in Russia, in many respects, because of chosen structure of management of enterprise at which the development of devices, technology and the starting of production were carried out by specially created scientific departments (since 1945 - it was Uniform Design Bureau "MELZ"), that essentially reduced the time of development and realization of new products.

Here are presented some achievements of MELZ that are noted by high government awards:

1929-1932: creation of native technology and organization of production of refractory metal: tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum and products from them.

1931 - MELZ is the first among industrial enterprises of USSR, it is award with order of Lenin (order number 2).

1948 - organization of production of generation lamps and radio tubes, organization of production of first native cathode-ray tubes.

1957 - the Order of Labor Red Banner in connection with 50 anniversary of plant.

1968 - beginning of manufacturing of first native color kinescopes.

1977 - the Order of the October Revolution for the production achievements and in connection with 70 anniversary of MELZ.

The new process of thinking of 80th XX century and reconstruction of all government system had strong effect on the activity of the plant. Expansion of market relations began to influence more and more on economic parameters of enterprise and demanded both modification of structure of management as changing of ordinary rhythm of work. Destruction of subsidiaries, increasing of tariffs for energy and transportation of cargoes had brought to essential reduction of production. Large production premises were not used. In the nomenclature of the enterprise was reduced the list of light devices. It was the forced decision to change of powerful glass shop from manufacture of glass components for cathode-ray tubes to manufacture of glass bottles. During some time this step was allowed to improve economic parameters of the plant and also allowed to support manufacturing of traditional directions of MELZ activity including its simultaneous reorganization in research and production complexes (RPC). Created in the middle of 90th RPCs could not only overcome negative influence of economic storms but also begin reconstruction of production of those directions which made the glory of MELZ. The authority of MELZ has kept respect of consumers for products of plant.

MELZ was become as Joint Stock Company in 1996 and as Limited Liability Company "MELZ-EVP" at the beginning of 2008.

At present time the general product nomenclature of "MELZ-EVP is vacuum electronic devices:

  • image intensifier tubes (IITs)
  • night vision devices
  • photomultiplier tubes (PMT)

In 2005 in order to enlarge the nomenclature of IITs MELZ has bought at general European producer - Dutch company DEP, the equipment for realization of new technology for manufacturing IITs of 2+ generation.

Continuous raising interest in night vision equipment stimulates its further improvement. Own manufacturing of IITs allows in short period of time to develop new night vision devices with assigned properties. In particular, it is necessary to mark the development of new generation of night vision devices, which are able to create images in pseudo colors and all-weather systems of night vision for vehicles.

The production of photomultiplier tubes (PMT) is stable grown. In the Russian market the part of this type of product is more than 35%.


Image intensifier tube - hermetic, microchannel electron multiplier plate with proximity focus on the input and output, included high voltage power supply unit, over-light protection circuit and automatic brightness control, with multialkaline photocathode on input glass window and phosphor screen with red emission color on fiber optic element, with angle 180° for image rotation. The image intensifier has been designed for low-level range of light in observation device.


Device is built on the basis of inverting Image Intensifier Tube of 2+ generation. It is intended for the observation under nighttime conditions fixed and moving objects and orientation in the local area. Device can be supplied with removable objective (RO). With the aid of adapters for device it is possible to connect photo- or video camera

Made in Zelenograd

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