MESH plus

Established in:

  • 1990


The scientific-production company «MESH plus» is situated in Russian Silicon Valley –Zelenograd city (38 km away from Moscow). The company was established in 1990 by key specialists of MGTU of Bauman, MATI, NIIFP, NIITM, NIIVT of vacuum machines and technology (leading Russian technical companies). For the 16 years we have produced more than 80 various machines of vacuum deposition and casting. One can find our machines in Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaluga, Rybinsk, Ufa and others), Europe (Germany, Belgium), Asia (China, Korea, Turkey, India, Taiwan, Pakistan) and North America (the USA, Canada).

In our company work high-grade specialists: development engineers of systems and equipment, part-programming engineers, key workers. All of them, including our own design office, enable us to develop up to 4 new vacuum machines a year. These machines equipped with computer automated controlling systems, import pumps, reinforcement and vacuummetricity allow us to consider our equipment competitive not only on Russian but also on world market.

The company has an opportunity to solve and it solves complex scientific-technical problems of technologies’ development, production of the state of the art machines and modernization of technically outdated machines in such spheres as:

  • machinery
  • energy saving
  • medicine
  • environment
  • defense industry
  • nuclear industry


Vacuum unit for synthesis of compounds A2B6


Specialists of the company “MESHplus” for the first time developed a microprocessor-based local measurement-control module “LIUM-TL” designed for automatic control of testing machines type “ZST 2/3-VIET” which are used for high-temperature tests on long-term resistance and afterflow of different metals and alloys


The machine “ĢĄP-2” is designed for deposition and pulling-off safety, refractory, erosion-resistant, wear-resistant and other kinds of coating using ion-plasma method in vacuum on elements which have axis of revolution.


MESH-60 provides quite new coatings, which result from uniting in one vacuum cycle a variety of technological processes, including ionic cleaning and activation of items’ surfaces, magnetron high-speed deposition of different materials with assisting, deposition of multiplayer and nano- coatings

Made in Zelenograd

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