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Our company (founded in 2001) develops and sales Free Space Optics (FSO) equipment. Since 2006 our equipment is delivered under trademark ARTOLINK® .

FSO equipment ARTOLINK® is produced at the one of the largest and successful enterprises of aerospace industry – Ryazan State Instrument Making Enterprise.

FSO equipment Artolink is designed to establish the wireless high speed secure communication links for the distances from 50 m to up to 7 km.

Artolink ensures the most cost-effective point-to-point connection compared to wire links, fiber-optic communication and radio data links.

FSO equipment Artolink is being serially produced at Ryazan State Instrument-Making Enterprise, which is certified as per ISO9001 standard and is one of the largest and most successful Russian aerospace enterprises.

High manufacturing capability and financial stability of the enterprise guarantee the delivery of any quantity of high quality equipment to any place in the world. Full service package, warranty and post - warranty services, technical support during the life cycle are also provided.

Original design and technological solutions, that guarantee Artolink equipment supreme operational characteristics, are patent-protected in Russia and in Europe. FSO Artolink equipment manufacturing quality and reliability are proved by many diplomas and rewards.

Licence-Free operation
High confidentiality of data transfer
Carrier grade quality & reliability
Quick and easy installation
2 Mbps to 1 Gbps data transfer rate
Wide temperature range from Saudi to Siberia
Minimum cost of installation and operation
Low cost of ownership

Advantages of FSO equipment application

High bandwidth, high speed
Among all known wireless technologies FSO-technology provides the highest data transmission rate. Optical free space data transmission matches the bandwidth and speed as fixed optical fiber with minimum delay time and pocket jetter.
High communication security and protection
FSO equipment operates in infrared band (invisible to the naked eye), which, in combination with a very narrow beam divergence, makes data interception practically impossible.
While purchasing FSO-equipment you obtain your own communication channel as it is, because its performance or installation does not depend on third parties` intentions or rights. When changing an access point the equipment is easily deinstalled and installed on a new place under your own steam with no involvement of specialized organizations. During operation - service charge is minimal.
Due to the fact that FSO-equipment does not experience problems with electromagnetic compatibility, it can be installed very tightly, based on the device physical dimension, which considerably simplifies and accelerates network design.
Quick installation
No need to obtain frequency licenses for the operators of laser based wireless solutions. Start-up of FSO links take only a few minutes, which is important under limited time conditions.

FSO equipment application area

Mobile and fixed link
  • Connection of base stations (2G, 2,5G, 3G)
  • Continuous growth of base station number and change-over to rendering new quality of services (Triple Play, 3G, 4G) require a significant communication channel capacity increase. Using FSO equipment, which does not require any radio frequency authorization, easily solves this problem. Besides, availability of multiplexers with E1 channels in Artolink production line allows to transmit in parallel via one transmission link from 2 to 24 E1 data flows and Ethernet traffic, which saves investments in the network channel terminating equipment.
  • Installation of additional remote GSM- repeater.
  • Establishing of an on-line backup channel in emergency.
  • Connection of base stations in conditions of complex electromagnetic situation or exhausted RF spectrum.
It is convenient to create high-speed local area network of “star”, “ring” or “mesh” topology as well as to realize network development and connection to other networks, come through a complicated area with the help of FSO equipment Artolink.
Security systems
Wireless optical communication is one of the most effective options for security and safety systems which provides high data transfer rate, communication channel security and its inaccessibility for the purpose of determining communication type.
Network infrastructure
The equipment ensures a quick formation of a wireless optical communication channel when combining the existent region communication channels with already finished network areas: house network interconnection or attachment cottage settlement or city zones to Internet.
Geographically spaced objects
The equipment allows to establish a communication channel between geographically spaced segments of a local network, for example, connection of detached enterprise buildings, storages, campuses, bank local networks and medical establishments interconnection, etc.
The equipment allows organizing at minimum cost a communication line over rivers, across railways, highways, mountainous regions, private territories and other areas where cable laying is impossible or difficult.

M1 FE-2A

Unique multiaperture optical system, realized in this wireless laser link model, is an effective solution to fight with turbulent phenomena to build laser link ethernet.


For the FSO laser link network on distances of up to 7 km an original hybrid radio-optic solution constructed on the basis of M1 FE-2A model has been developed.

M1 FE-S and M1 GE-S

Depending on the speed of information transmission we offer two models to be used for short-range link: M1 FE-S – data speed is 10/100 Mbit/s, M1 GE-S – data speed is 1Gbit/s. The main advantage of the models is maximum adaptation of all parameters to short –range operation.

Made in Zelenograd

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