Established in:

  • 1939


  • 550

Primary business:


NII "GIRICOND" JS Co., Science-Research Institute in the present form had its origin in 1939 and now is the leading center in Russia and CIS countries in the field of research and development of capacitors, non-linear resistors and materials for their production. More than 90% of domestic capacitors and non-linear resistors produced in Russia were developed at NII"GIRICOND".

Highly experienced engineers and scientists among which are doctors candidates of science represent the basic component of the staff of "NII"GIRICOND" JC Co. Intellectual property of NII"GIRICOND" is represented by more than 2000 patents. Among other things NII"GIRICOND" incorporated modern research, development and testing facilities.

Development and production of general purpose electronic components and also unique electronic components with specific performances for extremal working conditions along with development and production of materials for them are progressively carriedout at "NII"GIRICOND".

The main lines of investigations and RD activity at "NII"GIRICOND" JC Co are the following:

  • ceramic, oxide, organic film capacitors and electrical double-layer capacitors
  • noise-suppression ceramic filters
  • non-linear semiconductor resistors: NTC and PTC thermistors, varistors
  • precision non-wirewound potentiometers
  • photoelectric and optoelectronic components and devices
  • infrared multirange flame detectors "NABAT"
  • high/low frequency ceramic materials
  • microwave ceramics: dielectric resonators, dielectric substrates, waveguides
  • insulation compounds: coating and potting
  • thick-film resistors, heater elements, pastes, conducting adhesives
  • solder pastes, fluxes
  • epoxide elasticized glues

We are ready to develop and produce capacitors, non-linear resistors and other products in accordance with customer's specific requirements, we shall do our utmost to completely satisfy customer's needs.


IR flame detector: enhanced mechanical resistance, enhanced electromagnetic field resistance. Bus variant, ˝ommon and exploproof implementation, metal casing, IP67 protection


IR flame detector: dry contact variant, common implementation, IP54 protection


IR flame detector: bus variant, common and explosion-proof implementation, IP54 protection


FACP for all modifications of "NABAT" flame detectors and other types of flame detectors powered via the fire alarm bus having voltage of 12V DC


IR flame detector for fire safety in transporting facilities. Can be used in a system along with heat and flame detectors. Loop variant, ˝ommon implementation. Their basement represents a four-contact connector coupled with a socket RID-6╠

Made in Zelenograd

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