NPP Kvant

Research-Production Enterprise «KVANT» is established based on All-Union Scientific-Research, design and technological institute of power supplies and plant «Photon» widely known in the country.

«KVANT» is the only one enterprise in Russia developing so broad gamma of sources of the autonomous power supply that are principally important components for different kinds of armament, space technology and national economy. The usual long-term cooperation allows continuously to increase a technological level and to renovate the nomenclature.

Development of methods of direct conversion of different kinds of energy (chemical, solar, thermal etc) into electricity and creation on this basis of autonomous sources of power supply and means of diagnostic widely used in a national economy and special engineering are the main scientific and technological direction of KVANT activity.

Solar Cells and Arrays of Space Application

NPP «Kvant» started activity on PV in 1957. For today «Kvant» developed and manufactured nearly 2000 SA for SC.

Portable Solar Power Stations

Products of NPP Kvant belong to the renewable primary power supply sources group. Thanks to the solar batteries manufactured using unique technology that makes them resistant to mechanical impacts and climatic conditions the units can be used in almost any extreme environment.

Solar Cells and Modules

PV systems of direct conversion of solar energy into the electrical one are the most perspective among renewable power.

Made in Zelenograd

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