Nanotechnology is exploding. The world of small sizes has never been as vital for so many directions in science and industry. With this new direction comes a greater need for measurement on the atomic scale and new demands for reliable, precise, and multi-purpose instrumentation. NT-MDT enjoys a 20-year history in instrumentation created specifically for nanotechnology research, leading the field in originality, quality, and high tech development.

We strive for next-generation SPM technology, whether it be in pure modularity that allows a university or industrial lab to start with a cost-effective core product and build to a grand, multi-user research center or the ultimate amalgamation of SPM with related technologies that has resulted in ultramicrotomy for nanotomography and spectroscopy-based instruments that meld the world of imaging with the world of chemical analysis. We believe passionately in pushing the envelope for rapid innovation while still delivering superb customer service.

NT-MDT offers expert service and applications development through more than 20 representative offices and distributor centers around the globe. There are two key branch offices opened in Holland and Ireland. In the past five years, our installed base has grown to over 2000 instruments, promoting growth of both lab and research programs world-wide.

Whether you are engaged every day in nano research or just contemplating it, coupling your specific scientific knowledge and expertise with our competence in instrument creation will produce the highest quality research results currently available.


Our mission is to enable researchers, engineers and developers to conduct nanoscale research by creating ever more perfect nanotechnology instrumentation. Along the way, we maintain a global perspective, always taking into consideration the needs of student in the classroom, the researcher at the cutting edge in the laboratory, and the practicalities of industrial R&D.


Nanoeducator is a complex approach to educational process. It is students oriented: user friendly interface, SPM techniques step-by-step mastering, clearness, animated support, no complicated adjustments, inexpensive consumed materials, simple probe replacement, probe recovery availability.

NANOFAB 100 platform

NanoFab 100 is a modular platform, which is developed to assemble nanotechnology facilities (NTF) with the cluster arrangement of their modules, including systems that are capable of treating substrates as big as 100 mm using batch and local techniques. The nano clusters are linked into the technology chain by means of special intermediate modules, which are used both to transport and to store samples. All this makes it possible to assemble Nanotechnology Factory to fabricate fully functional nano-structures, nano-devices and nano-systems.

NTEGRA platform

Scanning Probe Microscopy gives an opportunity to carry out studies of spatial, physical and chemical properties of objects with the typical dimensions of less than a few nanometers. Owing to its multifunctionality, availability and simplicity, Atomic-Force Microscope (AFM) has become one of the most prevailing "tools for nanotechnology" nowadays. NTEGRA platform has been designed as the special base for the constantly developing options of Scanning Probe Microscopy that combines them with various other modern research methods.

SOLVER platform

Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) platform is designed for the study of properties of the surface at nanometer scale. It allows visualizing and perform quantitative measurements of mechanical (hardness, elasticity, viscidity), electrical (conductivity, capacity, distribution of surface charge) and magnetic properties of the sample working with sizes from several microns to angstrom. Solver can operate with more than 40 measuring methods, which may be carrying out in air as well as in the controlled atmosphere and liquids.

AFM probes

NT-MDT offers a wide assortment of Scanning Microscopy probes.

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