OJSC NRI "Electron"

Here you can get familiar with the activity of Open Joint Stock Company National Research Institute “Electron”, receive all necessary information about our products in the field of imaging and photoelectronic devices and based on systems.

OJSC NRI “Electron” specializes in research and development of following product lines:

  • Cooled and uncooled IR imaging devices (both vacuum and solid state) for thermal imaging systems intended for space, military, industrial, medical and other applications
  • Array and linear CCD image detectors for varios TV systems operating in UV and visible wavelength ranges
  • Low Light Level (LLL) imaging devices for LLL TV systems
  • Different photomultiplier tubes (with discrete dynodes and MCP-PMTs) for weak light signal detection, single photon counting, fast phenomena investigation and scintillation detection for nuclear and high energy physics (as well as at strong magnetic fields)
  • TV cameras and modules (including LLL and night vision cameras) for different applications in the wavelength range from UV to long wave IR (LWIR)
  • Processing, measuring and testing equipment for photoelectronic device development


LLL imaging camera with increased effective area includes 1st and 2nd generation image intensifier tubes and CCD array which are coupled by FOPs through straight optical contacts

Linear CCD

Linear CCD converses optical 1D-image into electrical signals in a wide dynamic range.


Application of spectrometric photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) is very wide. It can be used in photometry and spectrometry for weak light signals, in ecology, biophysics, medicine, geology, geophysics, nuclea physics, high energy physics, etc.

Made in Zelenograd

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