OptimElectro Ltd

Established in:

  • 2008


  • over 20 persons


OptimElectro Ltd is a Russian company specializing in engineering and production of variable speed actuation solutions (variable frequency drives and soft starters for asynchronous motors) fully fitted for process technologies used by our customers. Company location in the city of Zelenograd, the electronic industry centre of Russia, enabled us to set up high performance manufacturing facilities with a design section and workshops for the assembly, adjustment and repair of our equipment.

For the past three years our company has acquired a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy partner. We have the staff of over 20 people. Our skilled and qualified team effectively supports the manufacturing process and production development and provides best quality customer service.

Products of OptimElectro Ltd. are duly certified. Besides, our devices have been awarded with a number of diplomas and gratitude letters that testify their high quality and popularity.

Our constantly upgrading and expending production facilities allow us to timely fulfill our projects and supply the products of high quality. Our manufacturing facilities comprise an engineering unit and a production workshop equipped with the cutting edge NC-aided machinery from the world’s leading suppliers. Modern equipment based on advanced technology together with our highly skilled personnel enable us to make most sophisticated devices in a short period of time fully meeting our customer’s requirements and deadlines.

The strategic aim of our company – domination of the Russian market and product positioning in the global market segments. Our company has a full-cycle production. An industrial production technology or a manufacturing method without the use of an asynchronous motor is a rare case nowadays. While variable speed drives are ideal devices for the automatic control of various manufacturing processes. Wide adjustment range of electric motor rotation speed, high accuracy of speed maintenance in a required mode, soft start and stop of an electric drive, available power efficiency modes – these are only a few advantages of a variable frequency drive as compared to other types of drives. Along with common requirements that each company and each production technology have there are also specific tasks that would need specific approach. That is why we not only sell our equipment but also offer high quality services tailored around the customer’s needs.

In order to get the best economic benefit we use, and recommend to use, our variable speed drives in technology processes where:

  • number of products made in a given time period varies
  • operational parameters of the system require soft regulation
  • products are made of materials of different types and structures
  • processing equipment, pumps, ventilators and compressors work under varying or partial load conditions
  • actuating motors are often started, stopped and reversed, which results in extra loads on equipment and electric actuators and causes hydraulic strikes in pipes shortening their service life
  • uneconomic and unregulated electric drives with mechanic variators, reducers and couplings are used
  • overuse of energy occurs

Years of experience in equipment operation, thousands of successful projects, favorable customers’ references – all these actively prove the aforesaid statements.

We have long-term business relations with such organizations as Waterways and Navigation Administration of Pechory Basin (Puteets), M-Service Ltd (Murmansk), TEPLIT Manuracturing and Construction Limited Liability Company (Ekaterinburg), Silver-Pack Ltd (Andreevka), TECHNOCOMEXPORT Ltd. (Dubna), Adept-Stroy Ltd., SPETSAVIA Scientific and Production Limited Liability Company, Bryansk Brick Works Ltd. (Byakovo), IPLIT of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Shatura, the Moscow Region), REMVODSTROY-SELO Ltd. (Klin), Committee on Municipal Property Management of the Kovdor Region (Kovdor), Administration of the Novokuznetsk Municipal District (Novokuznetsk), KRROS Ltd (Denezhkino), Moscow State Agro-Engineering University (Mscow), CHISTY GOROD Municipal Unitary Enterprise (Novokuznetsk), KAS and Co Ltd. (Domodedovo), FES Ltd. (Malakhovka-Ovrazhki), ELECTROTEX CJSC (Zelenograd), Papirus Ltd. (Kovrov), Moscow Financial Department (Zelenograd Sports Center) (Zelenograd), Energiya Ltd. (Yoshkar-Ola), Selyatino Utilities Ltd., DAGINTERN Confectionery (Izberbash), Belebey Mechanical Plant (Belebey), ELVAX State Plant (Skhodnya) and others


Versatile application of electric motor soft starters makes them effective in pumps, compressors, centrifuges, machine tools, ventilation systems, escalators, conveyors and other lifting, textile, press, milling, crushing and calendar equipment.

Automatic controllers

Feature-rich electrical automatic control cabinets and automatic control boxes for pumps, pumping stations, ventilation systems and etc.

Certificate for a variable speed drive

Compliance Certificate ¹ ROSS RU.AB24.H03513. (voluntary certification)


  • The series is tailored to support centrifugal pumps and ventilators
  • Vector and scalar control of the motor – V/f (voltage/frequency)
  • Automatic detection of electric motor parameters
  • Overheat control
  • Detachable control unit
  • Low temperature LED indicator
  • IGBT module (from Infineon Technologies)
  • Control of several motors
Variable speed drives at a glance

Variable speed drives are intended for control of motors with ventilators, centrifugal pumps, wind blowers and etc. and based on 3-phase IGBT PWM inverters capable of converting the mains voltage of 380 V into the voltage with variable amplitude and frequency. Microprocessor control board, which is galvanicly isolated from the power circuits, ensures regulated start/stop of the motor from 0.1 to 999.9. seconds and protects the motor and the variable speed drive in emergency situations.

Variable speed drives of S100 series work with 3-phase mains supply 380 V and provide 3-phase output voltage, capacity of 1.5-400 kW and nominal current from 3.7 A to 750 A, have a detachable control unit, brake chopper, EMI filter and optional RS-485 interface module. 3-phase variable speed drive is connected to an asynchronous motor in the way to form a star network. Ambient temperature range from - 10°Ñ to +45°Ñ.

Ventilation (cooling) system of a variable speed drive: forced ventilation of the drive radiator. Radiator is situated in a separate corridor and not connected to the driver board. (That allows to use the drive in a dusty environment keeping the controllers and other parts clean.)

Variable speed drive features:

  • Capacity range: 1.5 – 400 kW, Current: 3.7 – 750 A
  • Input voltage range: 380 V ±20 %
  • Built-in A class EMI filter and brake chopper
  • Vector control ensures high accuracy in maintaining the turning moment on the motor shaft at low speed
  • PID-control (automatic control of consumption, pressure, level and other parameters.)
  • Detachable control unit
  • Compact size and easy setting of parameters
  • Automatic regulation of output voltage in case of mains voltage fluctuations
  • Accident detection
  • Automatic restart after power cuts
  • Inputs: 6 programmable discreet inputs and 2 analogue inputs (0…10 V, 0…20 mA)
  • Outputs: Relay output with switchable contact of a programmable relay, open collector output and 1 configurable analogue output (0…10 V or 0…20 mA)
  • Operation and control via RS 485 Interface supporting Modbus-RTU standard protocol (optional)

Main field of application – variable speed drives of S 100 series are used in ventilation systems, smoke exhausters, systems of cold/hot water supply and accessory equipment of boilers, thermal power stations, thermal power plants and so on.

Made in Zelenograd

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