Joint Stock Company Rielta was established on the basis of the one of one of the industrial enterprises and since 1993 is working successfully in the field of development and manufacturing of the security systems. At the present Rielta is one of the leading companies in this industry.

There are multiple keys to Rielta success: the highest professional level of personnel, advanced experimental base, technological and testing equipment all that enables the company to move forward in implementation of new products as well as to increase the products volumes.

Today Rielta offers not only various security products such as PIR sensors, control panels and retranslators, video surveillance systems, power supply units, automatic light switches, IR receivers. It is already over 10 years that we supply the Russian market with advanced high quality security products for use in the commercial, industrial, banking, residential, storage and other facilities.

The Rielta specialist are systematically working over the modernization of the products, over the improvement of quality and reliability, exploitation characteristics and design. This provides the modernization of the existing products and design of the new ones. Our company was the first in design od the new unique set of units "Ladoga-Ex" for protection of the explosive facilities with the wide perspective of being used in the gas and oil, chemical, fuel industries and in the atomic energy industry.

At the ever growing quantities of products the quality control is for all 100% of products manufactured, this quality control system provides the control of the quality of every product on every stage of the technological progress. This provides us an opportunity to set the guarantee for 5 years to each product. After receiving the international quality compliance certificates IONet and ISO 9001-2001 the company proves that its quality policy complies with all the set international standards.

Implementation of the new technologies, smart engineering decisions, quality and reliability of our products all these factors have contributed to the popularity of Rielta products among the customers - governmental and private institutions and individuals all over Russia: from Kaliningrad to Far East and Sakhalin. Our devices are installed in the most famous museums, where on the top of the list are the State Hermitage, the State Russian Museum and the State Open-Air Museum Peterghof.


Passive infrared sensors (PIR sensors)


Designed for remote video surveillance system organization with ability to send video image via wired and wireless connection channels.


Combined PIR + TV sensors


Designed to provide detection of water leakage from water-pipes, used for water-supply and central heating of the individual houses, blocks-of-flats and industrial premises or in boiler-houses.

Made in Zelenograd

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