Established in:

  • 1963

Primary business:


Ryazan Metal Ceramics Instrumentation Plant Joint Stock Company, an electronic industry enterprise, was established in 1963. From the very beginning dedication to quality, advanced technology, high calibre engineering personnel have been hallmarks of the company. The enterprise has been passed through ISO 9001:2000. The main business fields are:

  • development and production of reed switches
  • development and production of security alarm systems
  • development and production of reed switch relays
  • development and production of liquid and oil level automobile sensors
  • development and production of solar energy components and systems
  • development and production of electric double-layer capacitors

The shareholder is Russian Electronics Joint Stock Company, which has 100% of the enterprise shares. Russian Electronics JSC is a holding company including 30 Russian electronic industrial enterprises. JSC Ryazan Metal Ceramics Instrumentation Plant is located in a large industrial center of Ryazan, 200 km from Moscow city.

Mono crystalline silicon terrestial PV module

Application: Solar Home systems; Rural electrification; Water pumping; Telecommunications; Building integration; Grid connected systems

Monocrystalline silicon PV-module

Designed for the charging 12V lead acid batteries in: Flash-lighters; Car park; Display lighting; Telecommunication; Traveling


A photovoltaic module is the basic element of each photovoltaic system. JSC RMCIP produces several kinds of it.

Made in Zelenograd

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