The company was founded in 1988 based on the All-Russian Research and Test Institute of Medical Engineering, Moscow. Director - Victor M. Pelikh, graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute, MIREA. Staff of the company consists of real professionals. The company employs experts who have received high scientific and production skills in leading high-tech enterprises and research institutions.

Our manufacturing base meets all the conditions for development and production of sophisticated medical equipment. Strict adherence to established standards in the production process of mandatory quality control and high demands on staff allows us to guarantee high standards of production.

In the production of our equipment is accounted for, and the world experience. The company's specialists have been trained in "Electronic Peterling" Germany, which is a world leader in the production of such medical equipment.

It should also be noted that in our work we aim to observe the position of a strict selection of companies supplying components to the components of our devices, as a rule are well-known and recognized company.

A basic principle of the company is stable service products throughout its lifetime.

The key to the success of our company is that it is constantly evolving. Much attention is paid to the development of new and existing medical devices sovershenstvrvanie. Our staff developed and implemented into production eight models of devices on Voll, four models of laser therapy devices, complex iridodiagnostics. At present, special attention is paid to the use of advanced computer technology, a number of computer systems diagnosis of the human body.


Home and hospital laser therapy sessions. The device is developed on the basis of semiconductor laser emitters, characterized with a high radiation performance, stability of the parameters, compactness and good serviceability.


This model is designed for carrying out the computer nonlinear analysis and estimation of anatomical, histological and cytological structures state


Electric stimulation of biologically active points (BAP) and active zones (BAZ) with an impulse current of a small voltage with various frequency characteristics


Iridospect is intended for examining the state of the organism judging by the iris of the patient's eyes

Made in Zelenograd

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