SMP Robotics

Established in:

  • 2010


  • 30

Primary business:


SMP Robotics has developed an innovative autonomous navigation technology for off-road unmanned ground vehicles. Our company offers new technology-based electric UGVs with payload capacity of up to 100 kg and speed of up to 20 kph. Our UGVs are ideally suited to operating in parks, forests and the Steppe. They can successfully replace humans in situations that require driving on the same route.

Our off-road UGVs have proved to be successful as security robots. Wheeled chassis fitted with a video surveillance system can replace a security guard and provide 24-hour video surveillance of a large closed area in all weather conditions. As compared to security guards robots are less expensive and more efficient in intruder detection.

Tral Patrol 4.0

Robot has been designed for patrolling of specified areas by automatic movement of its intelligent video surveillance system. The robot stops at preselected points optimal for video surveillance and starts scanning the area within 50 meter range looking for moving objects and people.

Made in Zelenograd

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