Brief History

SMP Service was formed in 1991, and since that time has been working in the sector of state-of-the-art compact computer devices and software.

Video recording security systems have been the major area of application of the company's broad experience with portable high-productivity computer devices for many years. Along with traditional Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) systems, our products are used in IP surveillance networks and are effectively integrated into «smart home» intellectual systems.

SMP Service was the first in Russia to design and launch production of non-PC based digital video recorders (DVRs). Currently the company has a significant share in the Russian market of DVR implementations in stores, offices, banks, automatic teller machines, vehicles and internet applications.

The main departments of SMP Service are located in Zelenograd, a district outside Moscow well-known as a scientific and design center of the Russian electronic industry. The SMP production unit — ETALON is situated in the beautiful city of Tver, 150 km from Moscow.

Company Structure

SMP Service develops as a vertically integrated structure with the following subdivisions: design and testing of prototype devices — software development — production of devices — sale of ready products in the Russian and foreign markets through a network of dealers and subsidiaries.

SMP Service is formed of 4 specialized companies:

  • SMP Engineering (design and engineering)
  • ETALON Manufacturing (manufacturing works)
  • SMP Distribution (distribution)
  • SMP Service (distribution and promotion)

Qualified Personnel

Our qualified team of developers is mostly formed of graduates of the Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology. SMP Service pays special attention to human resources. The larger part of our specialists receive regular advanced training and professional improvement in Russia and abroad. We invite students of Moscow higher education institutions for traineeship, and the best of them stay with us as employees.

Tral Patrol

The proposed panoramic surveillance system Tral Patrol 2 allows you to use all the features of speed dome camera, automatically adjust her lens zoom to object of motion and repeatedly tracking it, providing a recognizable person within a radius of 100 meters

Tral 5 SD

Stand alone network video recorder Tral 5 SD functions as a converter of analog video to compressed digital stream for subsequent recording to a removable SDHC memory card and possible transfer over the local network. The device is designed to perform video recording on non-moving as motion activated DVR and mobile objects alike. Digital video recorder Tral 5 SD provides a USB interface for connection of a GPS receiver.

Tral 5.1

The one-channel Tral 5.1 Video Encoder offers a highly compact design with superb H.264 performance.

Tral 32 ATM

Tral 32 ATM mini-DVRs are specially designed for smooth integration with ATMs and successful solution of banking security tasks. CCTV in teller machines is widely used to disclose fraud and vandalism, and to improve security of bank card use by clients during deposit and withdrawal of cash.

Tral 31

The Tral31 mini Digital Video Recorder provides easy integration with traditional analog systems this DVR digitizes analog video into crisp, real-time MPEG video streams at a maximum frame rate of 6.5 frames per second on each channel independent of resolution.

Tral Parking

Licence plate number recognition device Tral Parking 2 allows to automate access to parking lots, public garages, residential territories, etc.

PCB design and layout

Our company specialises in design of high-complexity printed circuit boards (PCBs). Our team of qualified engineers has a long-standing experience in design of complex digital devices. We also offer manual layout of PCBs which allows increasing the design quality and requires only slightly longer performance time.

Made in Zelenograd

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