Our company's specialists took part in the development of most of the radio wave protection produced in Penza. Thanks to the original technical solutions and the use of the operating frequency of 24 GHz, we were able to create a series of radio wave detectors with unique technical features, chief among which is supernarrow detection zone (less than 1 m for "ANCHAR-40" ("Argon-40") and "TANTAL -200 "), which allows to organize the line of protection in terms of restrictions on the width allocated to the exclusion zone, near the pedestrian and traffic routes, trees and shrubs.

They have made great efforts to offer you:

  • Unique design. The development of new detectors and security systems (complete solutions), providing additional capabilities for solving complex and unusual problems for the protection of the perimeter
  • Technical support. Ensuring prompt and timely technical support, extended warranty
  • Discounts. Our discount policy is aimed at companies participating in the promotion of our products to end users. We understand that without your participation in this business process we can not achieve the desired result
  • Quality. Particular attention was paid to our company's quality products. In new developments, we decided to retreat to the old ways of all sorts of cheaper products, which often led to a decrease in "operational quality"

Their products are now distinguished body of reinforced fiberglass, metal and a large number of additional protected galvanized and paint metalorukav stainless steel manufactured in Russia, comfortable gold-plated connectors, heating devices, allowing confidence to use the product in extreme northern regions of Russia, to - 60 C.


This option is the installation of security alarms radiowave "Anchar-40-01 'is designed to detect people crossing the AOR crawl, step, run, over the top of the fence.


Protection KP 10h6m less square in shape, with no large metal structures closing more than 30% of CP

Medal and tantalum-200 and Anchar-40 Forum "Security and Safety Technologies 2011"

  1. Ultra-zone detection alarms (less than 1 m) makes it possible to organize a line of protection in terms of restrictions on the width allocated to the exclusion zone, near the pedestrian and traffic routes, trees and shrubs. In addition, a narrow zone of detection allows the use of an internal area of ??the facility for its intended purpose, do not take it the zone of alienation, but also makes it possible to abandon the internal structures of additional fencing.
  2. The detectors are made ??in industrial design with high operational reliability: the case of reinforced fiberglass, the force components from metal, galvanized and protected with paint, sleeve type vandal stainless steel heating unit, allowing confidence to use the product in extreme temperature conditions (up to - 60 C) Russia's northern regions
  3. According to the results of tests on existing facilities, as well as extensive tests on the standards GOST-R and SDS "GAZPROMCERT" detectors are included in the authorization lists and recommended for use in the largest oil and gas companies such as OAO "Gazprom", OJSC "AK" Transneft ", OAO" Rosneft ", OJSC" TNK-BP. "
  4. During the period 2009-2010, the detectors 'Tantalus' were commissioned for oil and gas facilities total more than 700 kits. In a relatively short period of time operating the detectors have shown their best side. Representatives of management services and design and installation companies indicated reliability of the design of detectors made of metal and fiberglass

ST-Perimeter Diploma for participation in the forum "Security and Safety Technologies 2011"

Made in Zelenograd

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