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Privodnaya Tekhnika Industrial Group is a leading Russian producer and provider of drive gear. For over 15 years the company has been engaged in development and successful implementation of high-voltage and low-voltage energy-saving systems based on frequency regulation – an advanced pumping and ventilation equipment control method that provides savings up to 50% of electricity, up to 30% of heat, and up to 20% of water. Our company has been developing energy efficiency technologies as part of the Zelenograd Federal Special Economic Zone since 2007. Due to its relevancy, the project was highly valued by the Russian Federation Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

Our mission is to create optimum solutions for our clients in the sector of industrial drives.

Structure of the Privodnaya Tekhnika Industrial Group

  • Privodnaya Tekhnika R&D – management company
  • Energoservice Management Company – energy service company; implementation of integrated energy-saving projects
  • Privod Engineering – automation systems integrator
  • JV Inverter – manufacture and servicing of electric drives and automatic mechanisms
  • RDE Privodnaya Tekhnika – technical and implementation centre
  • Privodnaya Tekhnika News – monthly industry newspaper
  • Energy Technologies Centre in association with Ivanovo Power University
  • Education Engineering Centre in association with Bauman Moscow State Technical University
  • JV Reduktor – mechanical drives manufacturer and servicing company

Privodnaya Tekhnika is a full service production company. Areas of our paramount attention include delivery and technical support, consulting, client personnel training, and warranty and post-warranty service.

Company Management

Dmitry Krasnov

Chairman of the Board, Privodnaya Tekhnika Industrial Group

Dmitry Krasnov is one of the founders of the company.

Owing to his fidelity to principle, elaborate thinking and strategic vision, Dmitry Krasnov has become an authority as a competent manager capable of solving the most difficult problems and leading the company to the top of the Russian industrial market.

Georgy Onischenko

Full Member of the Russian Federation Academy of Electrical Engineering Sciences,
Editor-in-Chief of “Privodnaya Tekhnika” (Drive Gear) and “Novye Tekhnologii” (New Technologies) magazines, Head of Research of Privodnaya Tekhnika Industrial Group

Georgy Onischenko is one of the founders of the drive gear industry in Russia. He is the Head of the Electric Drives and Industrial Automation Department of the Moscow State Open University, where he teaches engineers, masters and postgraduates. Students of 70 Russian universities study using his book “Elektricheskiy privod” (Electric drive).

Georgy Onischenko supervised and personally participated in creation of electrical engineering facilities and unique automated electric drives for nuclear power stations, mine winding plants and ventilation systems, gas mains, oil rigs, dragline and mine excavators, papermaking machines, express elevators, and many other objects.

Grigory Lazarev

Full Member of the Russian Federation Academy of Electrical Engineering Sciences,
Head of Research of Privodnaya Tekhnika Industrial Group

Grigory Lazarev is one of the leading experts in the power electronics and controlled electric drives industry. He has made a considerable contribution to development of the theory of electromagnetic and electromechanical processes in power valve drive systems. In the beginning of 1970s he was the first in Russia to supervise development of high-voltage frequency-regulated electric drives that received many patents at home and abroad.

Grigory Lazarev is an author and co-author of four books and over one hundred research articles. Since 1998 he is a Member of the New York Academy of Sciences. Since 2005 Grigory Lazarev is the Executive Director of the Russian Society of Power Electronics Engineers, Candidate of Science, Head of the Power Valve Drive Systems Department.

6 strategic advantage principles of our company:

  • First, our cooperation with clients is based on the “one stop” principle, covering a wide range of tasks and appliances – automatic process control systems, low-voltage and high-voltage electric drives, precision position control systems, and power transmissions of all types.
  • Second, our clients take advantage of our major strength – our highly educated, innovative, creative colleagues, who aptly comprehend our clients’ needs and offer the most efficient solutions to their problems.
  • Third, our clients appreciate our flexibility in terms of both price and deadline.
  • Forth, solutions we deliver to our clients are supported by the 15-year experience we have in implementation of automation systems in various industry sectors.
  • Fifth, we are always by our clients – our subsidiaries and representatives are located throughout the country.
  • Sixth, our solutions are assembled using appliances provided by credible manufacturers.

Privodnaya Tekhnika is a resident of the Zelenograd Federal Special Economic Zone and a member of the following associations:

  • Russian Water Supply and Water Disposal Association
  • Interelectromash Association
  • Mechanical Transmissions Association
  • Stankoinstrument Association

We are proud to offer you reliable equipment under our own trademarks:

  • High-voltage frequency converters
  • Worm, double-reduction worm, parallel-shaft and planetary gear motors and units
  • General purpose low-voltage frequency converters
  • Special series of frequency converters for pumping and ventilation applications
  • Integrated solutions for high-technology production – servo drives, precision planetary gear units and socket joints


SChRU: Frequency Regulation and Control Cabinets for pump and fan control are complete low-voltage control devices for frequency regulation and control by asynchronous electric motors of pumping units, fans, and other industrial technological equipment.


Cost-efficient pumping unit control stations (SRNu series) are complete low-voltage devices for industrial frequency regulation, power managment and control of groups of pumping units at the 3rd and 2nd elevation stations, drainage stations, fans and air compressors.


VChRP: High-Voltage Frequency Converters are new high-technology appliances that complies with all requirements to the respective electric installations. 3 phase frequency converter VChRP is a finished product containing the entire set of protection and blocking mechanisms and providing start/trip by frequency relay and speed regulation of high-voltage asynchronous and synchronous electric drives. Power frequency converters are produced in 3 kV, 6 kV and 10 kV classes and in the power range from 250 to 5000 kW.

Made in Zelenograd

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