Triton Electronic Systems Ltd.

Triton Electronic Systems Ltd has been in business for sixteen years. The founders of the firm have decided at the very beginning to dedicate their skills and efforts to the design and production of high tech electronics.

In the early 1990s the firm has developed and mass-produced the device “Malachite-010P”. It was a portable high-frequency pulse magneto therapy complex suitable both for diagnostics and therapy tasks. “Malachite-010P” was massively popular in Russia and more than three thousand units have found their places in hospital wards around the country.

In shaping of the development and growth strategy of Triton Electronic Systems ltd a great role was played by the Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Medicine Professor Boris Davydovich Zislin. Dr. Zislin has worked 37 years as a Chief Anesthesiologist (i.e. Chief Consultant of Anesthesiology) of Sverdlovskaya Oblast region. His personal initiative and supervision have led the firm to successful development of the whole range of patient monitoring equipment for reanimation and anesthesiology.

In 1993 the first pulse oximetr TRITON was produced. The instrument allowed taking non-invasive measurements of blood oxygenation. Building on this achievement the Research and Development department of Triton Electronic Systems ltd has since created many a much more complex medical apparatuses.

In the late 1990s the patient monitor MPR 5-02 TRITON has arrived on the market. It was a real breakthrough for those years. MPR 5-02 TRITONE could make an ECG; take measurements of body temperature, heart rate, arterial blood pressure and other parameters. Effectiveness and practicality of this monitor allowed Triton Electronic Systems ltd to become the leader of the patient monitoring equipment market in Russia.

From there the design and production of patient monitoring equipment became the chief focus of the firm’s development. The patient monitors designed and produced by Triton Electronic Systems ltd are widely used in the Hospitals all around Russia – including not only those run by the Ministry of Health but also Military hospitals, hospitals of Ministry of Interior and hospitals run by the Ministry of Emergency Management.

By the end of 2001 Triton Electronic Systems ltd has accounted for more patient monitoring equipment installed in hospitals all around Russia than any other producer, including not only Russian firms but also such Western producers like Siemens or Phillips.

The firm has developed and is producing monitors and pulse oximeters suitable for ambulances, air ambulances (both helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft based) and field conditions, which have received commendations from the Ministry of Emergency Management. Medical equipment produced by Triton Electronic Systems ltd has also received high evaluation from the military doctors at Burdenko Central Military Hospital and Military Medical Academy of the Russian Federation.

Two years ago the scientists and engineers from the R&D department of Triton Electronic Systems ltd have researched the unique technology of laser capnometry – Unicap TM. On the basis of this technological breakthrough a unique capnography module was created, a device which has no analogues in the world. Its development allowed Triton Electronic Systems ltd to put into production a capnometry capable patient monitor designed for use in reanimation – the MPR 6-03 TRITON.

Many diplomas and prizes have been awarded to the products of Triton Electronic Systems ltd. In 2001 the firm has received a prestigious “Russian National Olympus” award in the nomination “Outstanding small or medium size enterprise”.

Now Triton Electronic Systems ltd continues development and production of the high-tech medical equipment. Of the circa one hundred people the firm presently employs, nearly a fifth work in the R&D department.

Emphasis on the independent research, scientific analysis of the problems of medical services, constant sharing of experience with Russian and overseas partners - these is the watchwords of the Triton Electronic Systems Research and Development department.

It is in this department, where in the closest partnership with medical scientists and practicing anesthesiologists the newest technologies and equipment are being created.

Geography of sales is very wide. It includes the leading medical facilities in all regions of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Kirgizia and other countries of the CIS.

Medical equipment developed and produced by Triton Electronic Systems ltd is used daily in the clinics of India, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Korea and other countries.

The firm has a very wide network of partners and distributors. Enough to say, that only in Russia Triton Electronic Systems ltd has more than one hundred permanent commercial partners and nearly twenty dealers.

A lot of attention is being paid to proper service and maintenance of the sold equipment. More than 70 authorized service centers are working in Russia alone. There are also service centers in Byelorussia and Kazakhstan, and a Ukrainian one is preparing for opening.

These service centers are staffed by certified engineers who have completed the requisite courses in Ekaterinburg at the Triton Electronic Systems main production site.

Triton Electronic Systems ltd guarantees the quality of its products. Strict quality control systems and procedures used in the firm ensure the high quality and precision of all components and their assembly.

IiND 500/75

Portable Autonomous Electronic Invasive pressure measurement device for low pressures measurements IiND500/75 "Triton" allows performing single measurements and/or monitoring of bodily pressures in patients of all age groups (from neonates to adults) up to the pressures of 500 mmH2O or 75 mm Hg


Multifunctional re-animation transportable monitor MPR6-03 “Triton” can be used in anesthesiology, surgery, intensive therapy, during post-surgery period, for screening tests, express diagnostics and professional assessment of patients of all ages (newborns, children, adults) in hospitals or during patient transportation.

Made in Zelenograd

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