Our company, TS-Market Ltd., was established by Telesystems Ltd. on October 23, 2001 as its export agent for trade activity overseas. Now we are an independent export-trading company, promoting all the products and services of Telesystems abroad.

We are not limited by the products and services of Telesystems and are also ready to promote other professional products. We welcome cooperation with domestic and foreign companies regarding our mutual marketing and export-import activity.

TS-Market Company promotes 5 major groups of professional security products:

  • Five series of the Edic-mini miniature professional Digital Voice Recorders -Edic-mini Tiny series includes the Guinness World Records winners – the world's smallest professional audio recorders. All voice recorders have extremely long recording time and battery life, low power consumption and miniature size together with a great number of extra features.
  • Professional miniature Audio-Video recorders –the mAVR models, which are famous for their small size, low power consumption and high quality of recording. This efficient means will provide you with profession videos for any purpose.
  • Edic-mini Tiny Audio Recording Modules –which can be mounted into various devices of different design according to the needs of the client. The models have been modernized and now have cases, which makes the devices look and operate as regular audio recorders.
  • Accessories for the above-mentioned devices -external microphones, GPS receivers, car adapters, memory cards and a lot more.
  • Cellular Phones Jammers, Frequency and Power Meters and Non-linear Junction Detectors –which carry out such tasks as preventing cellular communication in designated areas, detection and localization of radio emitters, measure frequency and power of radio signals and search and location of electronic devices.
  • Video Servers –Tral 5 series represents feature-rich devices intended for on-line video surveillance. Video server Tral 5 is designed to operate as a core element of video surveillance systems based on IP technology and employing high quality analog cameras.

TS-Market exports the products in question worldwide to 20 countries. Among them there are the United States, Great Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Israel, Australia and many others. Vigorous demand for our high-end devices shows that they do appeal to professionals due to their technical features and convenient dimensions.

Audio recorders and video recorders we promote are unique – they have miniature size. Nowadays Telesystems is the leading Russian producer of miniature professional digital audio recorders and audio-video recorders, audio recording modules and accessories for all mentioned devices. We have already registered our digital audio recorder À2Ì in Guinness World Records as the world's smallest in 2004. Later, in 2007 our digital audio recorder B21 became the world's smallest one and was registered in Guinness World Records - the Russian edition.

Today we are pleased to announce that we have produced even a smaller digital audio recorder and have beaten our own records. Guinness World Records has confirmed tiny size of A31 audio recorder in May, 2009.

This achievement is the result of the united work of developers, programmers, specialists of mounting, assembly, testing, and packaging.

We are very pleased that our customers have recognized our products' value and we are sure, our records will motivate us to continue creating tiny and functional devices, which, hopefully, will be appreciated by our clients all over the world.

We welcome new business contacts, be it our new partners or distributors, or customers. We always provide appropriate services and support our business partners with advertising and exhibition materials, free demo samples and favorable terms of payment.

Edic-mini Tiny A44

Edic-mini Tiny16 A44 - digital spy voice recorder designed in metallic case and powered from a replaceable rechargeable battery. Up to 1200h with voice activation system.

Edic-mini Tiny B47

Providing up to 1200 hours depending on built-in memory volume and selected quality settings. The recorder is powered by a lithium battery. PC connection digital voice recorder via USB.

Voice recorders custom design

Custom designing, development and assembling of special means of covert recording. Production of spy pen digital voice recording devices and devices according to your needs. E.g. pen-like voice recorder or a recorder mounted in a key-trinket will accurately collect and preserve evidence in the most unbiased and efficient manner.

Edic-mini Tiny B21

Voice activated digital voice recorder able to record time from 300 to 1200 hours depending on built-in memory volume and selected quality settings. It stores data in the built-in flash memory with the size from 2 Gb to8 Gb (depending on the modification). The recorder is powered by one replaceable AG13 battery.

Edic-mini Tiny A31

Mini voice recorders of the Edic-mini Tiny A31 are professional devices intended for making high quality record. Edic-mini A31 - Guinness smallest digital voice recorder.

mAVR H.264x4 TFT

Professional H.264 recording of video and audio data onto SD or SDHC flash memory cards at the capacity up to 32 Gb. 4 channel portable DVR provides the opportunity to insert up to 4 memory cards for alternate recording.

Become our distributor

We invite dealers to distribute our products:

  • We offer unique products, which have no analogues in the world!
  • We offer beneficial terms of cooperation!
  • We provide marketing and sales support to our dealers!
  • Guarantee repairs of the product within 1 year from the date of sale.
  • Providing devices for testing on special terms and a lot more!

For the moment the following products are searching for dealers:

1) A professional device, intended for search and location of electronic devices both in active and switch-off state - non-linear junction detector Lornet 36 has no analogues:

Non-linear junction detector “LORNET-36”

LORNET-36 is an indispensable tool for quick and reliable location of unauthorized electronic devices during search operations in premises with a high density of electronic equipment.

It is very effective when it comes to identify miniaturized electronic devices (10x20mm) at a considerable distance, which is sometimes crucial when a suspicious object is to be analyzed from a safety range.

Building on a very high probing signal frequency and a very narrow antenna directional pattern the NL JD, LORNET-36 is dramatically superior to any competitive instrument in the industry in terms of detection range, selectivity and positioning accuracy.

The use of microwave frequency range gives LORNET-36 some unique capabilities of detecting semiconductors hidden under various materials. It can detect semiconductors through slits, holes and ungrounded shielding by means of reflection from a smooth surface. This model easily defines location of the SIM-card of the cell phone at distance 1 meter.

Lornet-36 provides the user with a wealth of advantages:

  • Lornet-36 has three times wider detection range compared to competitors.
  • Lornet-36 has no analogues in selective checkout of a suspicious object from the distance 5-10 meters.
  • The device uses the innovative technology and materials and has a very ergonomic design. It is compact, lightweight and is very easy to use.
  • The electromagnetic influence upon the operator is kept to the minimum level due to a very low duty cycle of probing pulses and decreased radiation to the operator side.
  • The device uses wireless headphones.

We support our business partners in their marketing and sales efforts:

  • Joint participation in exhibitions.
  • Providing with marketing and advertising materials for exhibitions and advertising purposes, such as advertising texts, advertising printed materials and dummies.
  • Marketing and sales support in our promoting actions
  • Sales support in regular business activity, according to a business partner level.
  • Please, forward your co-operation inquiries using our contact information. Join us!
2) We invite dealers to distribute a professional feature-rich device, intended for on-line video surveillance:

Video Server Tral 5

We present portable video server Tral 5, which functions as a converter of analog video to compressed digital stream for subsequent transfer over the local network or archiving.

Video server Tral 5 is designed to operate as a core element of video surveillance systems based on IP technology and employing high quality analog cameras. The H.264 compression algorithm provides high-quality digitizing of analog video at 25 fps with resolution 704 õ 576. The device has one video and one audio input.

Tral 5 is ideal for on-line video surveillance as:

Single-channel video recorder

  • Video archive is stored on an external USB HDD connected directly to the video server via USB. Archived data view and on-line view functions are available from a PC that has a local network connection to the video server. If no on-line access is required, users can view archived video by directly connecting the USB HDD to a PC

Multi-channel video recorder

  • The respective number of video servers, each connected to its own camera, are pooled into a local network using any Ethernet switch at hand. The switch is then connected to a network attached storage (NAS), e.g. a NC Miniserver. The above system configuration allows to place video servers very close to video cameras and avoid transfers of analog video over considerable distances, thus increasing interference immunity of the link.

Wireless video recorder

  • In order to set up a wireless connection, an external WiFi, WiMAX, or GSM GPRS modem can be connected to the video server. For low-bandwidth channels, the video server can generate an additional low-resolution video stream. In case if no fixed IP address is available on a particular wireless network, users can access their video servers using a service provided by the sectv.ru website.

Sender of photo/video e-mail messages

  • When an alarm condition occurs, e.g. an external intruder detection sensor goes off. Video server Tral 5 begins data recording in accordance with a timer clock and/or motion sensor. Coupled with the H.264 compression algorithm, this ensures highly economic filling of the archive.

Main Characteristics:

  • 25 fps
  • H.264 compression algorithm or MPEG4
  • Additional video-channel
  • External video archive (NAS or USB HDD)
  • Low power consumption
  • Cost-effective solution

Made in Zelenograd

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