Established in:

  • 2000


  • more 100

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Founded in 2000 by a group of semiconductor professionals in the Russian Silicon Valley, UIC is a professional company dedicated to the advancement of collaboration among professionals in semiconductor and related high-tech industries.

Riding the tide of globalization, we have enjoyed a tremendous growth in recent years. Through networking, cooperation and information sharing, UniqueICs has been instrumental in helping build a vibrant high-tech chain serving the needs of electronic industry. With over 300 employees, UniqueICs is currently one of the largest and most active Russian foundry agents in Russia. UniqueICs’ clients come from diverse fields in semiconductor and other high-tech related industries, including makers of navigation systems, semiconductor chips, system manufacturers; equipment manufacturers; design house; software; etc.

Committed to sharing information and resources and serving as a bridge between wafer fabs and worldwide customers, UniqueICs’s mission is to strengthen networking among professionals and promote the business relations in the semiconductor and related high-tech industries. At UniqueICs, we believe in goodwill by doing and contributing before receiving.


UIC1606 is a 800ġ600ġ3 pixel colour image sensor array with built-in video processing capabilities. The sensor is manufactured using standard CMOS (0.18 micron) technology and does not use an external mosaic colour filter.

USB 2.0

This device is an extension cable between USB device and host (computer) with embedded into connector “intelligent” integrated circuits on both sides of the cable.

Made in Zelenograd

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