Electronic Technologies and Metrological Systems Company

Established in:

  • 1992


  • 50

Primary business:


Electronic Technologies and Metrological Systems Company (ZETLab) was founded in 1992 on the basis of the state-owned Research Institute of Physicotechnical and Radio Measurements.

What we do:

  • Design and manufacture I/O devices for analog and digital signals as well as digital signal processing devices;
  • Develop software for vibroacoustic analysis, control and monitoring for use in industry, research, engineering, oil refining and metrological services;
  • Conduct tests to verify compliance with health norms with regard to permissible levels of physical factors in the everyday use of consumer goods (MSanPiN 001-96);
  • Develop software for digital signal processing;
  • Provide consulting services, training and technical support to customers at all stages of our cooperation.

ZET makes dozens of different modules and devices that can serve as the basis for creating an information collection and processing system. The modular construction principle allows you to form various hardware-software complexes, expand the capacity of systems by adding new modules and improve the technical characteristics of the equipment by replacing individual elements. The flexibility of modular systems makes it possible to obtain the exact functionality that is required for the task.

ZET has extensive experience developing digital signal processing algorithms, including those for digital signal processors. Our software allows the user to simultaneously analyze different characteristics of signals: narrowband, fractional octave (in accordance with ANSI and IEC standards), mutual spectra (narrowband, fractional octave), spectrograms, correlation functions, cepstrums, etc. We offer software for conducting various types of vibroacoustic tests on shakers and impact testing machines, checking load cells and microphones, and assessing metrological characteristics. The results of signal processing are stored in a user-friendly form.

We work closely with our clients to help them optimize their expenditures on products and services. Our individual approach to every client allows us to manufacture systems that best meet our customers' technical requirements.

Some of Russia's leading companies in various sectors have spoken highly of the technical characteristics of our products and the corresponding professionalism of our employees. Our products are used in tasks that require high performance and maximum reliability. Studying the high-tech market constantly helps to keep us on the cutting edge.

Our flexible pricing policy can save you time and money in creating multifunctional measurement systems that meet your requirements in every way. We offer our customers both separate modules and complete integrated solutions, including delivery, installation and training of customer personnel.

Applications for our products:

  • Automotive;
  • Aerospace;
  • Noise and vibration in household appliance manufacture;
  • Energy;
  • Industrial noise and vibration;
  • Acoustic and vibroacoustic analysis, noise and strain measurement;
  • Monitoring and diagnostics of benches and machine parts;
  • Continuous monitoring of machinery;
  • Automated process control systems.

The fact that we have served over 1000 satisfied customers is testimony to the reliability, functionality, simplicity and usability of our equipment!

People often ask us why they had not known about us before. Our answer is that we have been accumulating knowledge and experience over a long period of time in order to now offer our customers the latest technological developments and innovative ideas that make the best use of their money.

Quality program:

Our products are certified for inclusion in the State Register of Measuring Equipment and pattern approval. They are used in the measuring system of state and military standards as well as in high-accuracy installations.


ZETlab typically try to solve their customers’ problems comprehensively, covering the whole spectrum of the equipment and services that we sell, providing measurement systems on a turnkey basis. Therefore, at the request of customers, with the instrumentation we include accelerometers, measurement microphones and other primary transducers: sensors of temperature, pressure, humidity, displacement, etc.

Accelerometers and vibration sensors

Used to measure vibration and shock acceleration in diagnostic systems and in laboratory studies under conditions of strong electromagnetic fields. Its features include a combination of high axial sensitivity, natural frequency, shock resistance, built-in preamplifier and low self noise.

Data acquisition systems

Analyzers are designed to measure the parameters of the spectral components of signals from various sensors. ADC-DAC boards are used to process signals from various primary transducers.

Hydrophones, pressure sensors, microphones

ZETlab produces several kinds of electroacoustic sensors

Seismometers and geophones

Geophones are used as primary transducers of seismic and vibration measuring systems and complexes and can also be used in various fields of science and technology to measure (record) low-level vibration.


ZETlab has many advanced systems

Made in Zelenograd

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