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Electronic AC static switches PES3000, PES7500, PES9000. Operate in combination with inverters of INE, INU, INV, INYU, INK, INT series.


19 designs, backside connection of power sources and the load. Automatically switch the supplied load from the main power supply to the reserve power supply when the main power supply fails. Return the load to the main power supply after it has recovered and its parameters have remain within the acceptable limits for a specified period of time. Programmable Main and Reserve power supply designation. Signal to the load about switching from the main power supply to the reserve power supply. (USB connection). Control actual load current parameters, main power supply voltage level and form and operate automatically in accordance with the results received. Suppression of the current component when working for a power transformer. Connection of 6 inverters is possible. USB port for PC-assisted testing, configuring and signalling to a remote user. LCD display to show operational modes, LED indication and three pairs of dry contacts. Estimated time between failures 200 000 h.

ModelNominal Switching Power, VANominal Switching Current, AMax Overload Current, APeak Current Value, not exceeding AMains Supply Inverter switching time, not exceeding msVoltage Range of Switching Power Supplies, VSwitching Frequency, Hz

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