AGNKS allows to use gas as motor fuel, gain independence from fuel supplies and high prices for petrol and diesel fuel. Using gas allows to cut fuel and lubricant costs by 2-2.5 time, increase the engine motor-life by 40%, decrease the volume of poisonous exhaust substances discharged in the air by several times, increase the life time of motor lubricants by 1.5 times.

Unlike the large-size AGNKSs, AGNKS - 400 can be installed in the city boundaries or at the fleet. Gas is consumed from trunking pipelines with overpressure 2.4-4.2 Mpa (24-42 kgf/cm2).

Mounting of the station includes installation on beforehand prepared plate, connection to the gas pipeline and electricity network. Water is not used for the technological purposes. The compressor is air cooled. Heating is not required in the technological blocks. AGNKS-400 works in Automatic and Semi-automatic modes. Automatic system controls the station parameters, automatic and turn on and shutoff when working parameters exceed the limits.

The equipment allows to do 440 refuels for a day. Block-container structure allows it to be transported by all means of transportation, exploitation on all outdoor plates in climates zones with temperature ranging -30 0 to +45 0. AGNKS-400 is block-container type with automatic control system. Climate performance complies with 1 State Standard 15150-69.

Technical specification of AGNKS
Gas compressedNatural gas according to the State Standard 5542-87
Type of Piston CompressorW-type, triplex, four-stage, cross-head
Inlet overpressure P (kgf/m2)2,4 -47 (24-42)
Max station productivity, calculated for standard conditions (State Standard 2939), normal 3/hour1200
Consumed power, kWt per hour115
Outlet pressure of gas, filled to the vehicle, MPa (gf/m2)20.0 (200)
Max gas pressure (for refueling Mobile Gas Refuellers), P25 (250)
Number of vehicles, refueled for 24 hours, counting one vehicle consumes 553 for one refuel and the station is 80% loaded.440
Consumption of lubricant, g/hour0.10
Cooling of cylinders, and the compressed gas at each stageair
Overall dimensions of the compressor block, mm
Station Weight in the scope of supply, kg14000

Completeness of block type AGNKS units: compressor block, block of accumulators, block of inlet cocks, dispenser, refuel ramp, control system, inter-block pipeline system, spare parts.

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