ANKAT-7655-01 Analyzer of Oxygen in Boiler Feed Water

Designed for automatic continuos measurement of dissolved oxygen in feed water of boilers during the monitoring of power units chemistry condition.


  • heat and power plants
  • hydroelectric power station
  • boiler rooms of low and average power
  • Type of gas analyzer fixed of continuos monitoring with remote sensor
  • Sampling - in boilers flowing water
  • Operating principle electrochemical (amperometric)
Main Specifications
Measuring range, µg/dm3:reading range
Basic absolute accuracy, µg/dm3± (4+0,02*) oxygen mass concentration
Warming-up time, min, not over15
Readings setting-in, min, not over3
Standard current output signal, m0 5 or 4 20set by customer
Permissible contaminants content:
iron, µg/dm3to 1000
copper, µg/dm3to 10
hydrazine, µg/dm3to 200
boric acid, g/dm3to 12
potassium hydroxide, mg/dm3to 16
ammonia, mg/dm3to 60
PHfrom 4 to 12
Ambient temperature, °+10 - +45
Analyzed mixture parameters*:+10 - +50while using -3
temperature, °+50 - +100
flow rate, l/h8 - 50
Supply voltage ANKAT-7655-01~ 187 242 V; 50 Hz
Power consumption, V10
Overall dimensions, mm ANKAT-7655-01Weight, kg
Service life, years, not less,10
sensor1.5replaced on request

Gas analyzer version is commercial, housing protection against dust and water is I54.

ANKAT-7655-01 consists of power-indication unit and sampling unit, connected with each other by cable of up to 50 m. Sampling unit includes sensor, pressure stabilizer for analyzed water.

Analyzer provides:

  • digital indication of oxygen concentration with less significant digit 1 μg/dm3
  • sensitivity calibration
  • signaling on sample temperature increase, damages (sensor unit depressurization), absence of sensor signal
  • no gas mixture calibration
  • Calibration interval is 1 year

Delivery set:

  • Gas analyzer
  • SPTA set
  • SPTA set list
  • service papers

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Made in Zelenograd

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