Functional features:

  • Operating temperature range of -40...+85C
  • Output current upto 30
  • Low profile 33 mm design
  • Input voltage range of 100240 VAC; 176240 VAC; 80140 VAC
  • Power factor corrector
  • Remote on/off
  • Output voltage adjustment (optional)
  • Conformity to electromagnetic compatibility standard
  • (EMC) EN55022, class A
  • Standard efficiency 85% for Uout=24 VDC; 79% for Uout=5 VDC
  • Galvanically isolated output channels
  • Weight 600 g

AR200 AC/DC Argon power supplies of power 150...200 W may be produced with one to four galvanically separated output channels and are used for powering industrial and special equipments of all vital areas of application.

Low profile 33 mm design allows installation of AC/DC power supplies in the equipment with limited height space, for example, in a 50 mm compartment of the equipment. Compact aluminium casing with metallic cover protects the power supply components against damages during mounting and operation, improves its electromagnetic compatibility with surrounding equipments, and also presents great heat transfer quality. For example, power supplies AR200A-230WS24-SCN, without additional heatsink with difficult convection, are able to supply power load of 125 W; and with a small radiator and forced cooling - power load of 200 W in temperatures up to 85. To guarantee a reliable protection of modules against the influence of external factors power supplies are produced only with potting protection. Different temperature modifications allow to use these AC/DC power supplies in the equipment of various climatic applications and optimize their cost.

Input, output and service pins of a power supplies are made as a blade solder pins with width of 2,8 mm. Connection to them can be done either by using standard female terminals for blade pins, or by soldering.

Connection of a module to the equipment with screw terminals allows to organize a possibility of fast installation or changing of module during testings or operation in the equipment, which is not influenced by vibration or agressive environments.

Connection of module to the equipment by soldering to the blade solder pins of flexible wires ensures maximum reliability and minimum voltage drop under effect of adverse mechanical, climatic and chemical factors.

Usage of modules with blade solder pins allows to refuse from service of connections - commonly known need for periodic tightening of screw terminals for the whole life time of the modules, which is a significant advantage of these products and provides the convenience of their operation.

Modifications of modules with screw terminal blocks, flexible wires or modification for DIN rail are also possible.

Due to its wide range of input voltage of 100240V, the power supplies may be used in equipment with significant deviation of supply voltage and also in equipment designed for various nominal input voltages. Presence of output voltage adjustment lead for supply modules allows to change the module output voltage within small limits if required. This may be required, for example, for compensation of voltage drop on long distance load conductors or on isolated diode, allows to obtain model output voltage which are absent in the standard voltage range, or if required, carry out operational tuning/trimming of output voltage in both sides within small limits.

Built-in power factor corrector reduces the maximum current consumption value and reactive power consumption.

Power supplies AR200 are able to operate from DC input voltage with ranges 113198 VDC, 248338 VDC and 141338 VDC. In comparison with standard version DC/DC, power supplies AR200 have advanced of the art cooling surface and in most cases can be used without additional radiator.

Modification of power supplies is available on request for the following cases: change in casing design, input and output contacts, reduction of output ripple voltage level, increase in output power by 10-20% and change in input voltage range etc.

Application area:

  • Industrial automation
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Control and measuring device
  • Industrial purpose data processing devices
  • Security equipment
  • Special purpose hardware


  • Operating temperature range of -40+85 expands the possibility of usage of AC/DC power supplies in industrial equipment of various climatic version
  • Wide range of input voltage 100240 VAC enables the use of of power supplies in equipment with significant deviation of supply voltage and also in equipment designed for various nominal input voltage
  • Configuration as per clients requirement
Composition of series
IndustrialMilitary (customized)
Output power *150-200 W150-200 W
Input voltage range
~230 W VAC (wide); ~230 VAC, ~115 VAC++
Output channels quantity
1, 2, 3, 4++
Case option with potting protection++
With anchorage on DIN-rail+-
Operating temperature range
N (-40+85°)+-
P (-50+85°)++
Service functions, additional features
Short circuit, overvoltage, input transient protection++
Remote on/off++
Power factor corrector++
Thermal protection++
Nominal price for quantities of more than 1000 pcs. is 81,5 (EXW)

* For the input voltage 230W VAC (wide), the maximum output power decreases when the input voltage 100...176 VAC. The derating curves is shown in datasheet.

** The datasheets describe the most universal products with maximum configuration and best performance for this type of module. The purchasing of products with simplified configurations (not less than a minimal quantity) is also available; such as: smaller input voltage range, the minimum possible for this case size out power, no potting protection, etc. Depending on the modification the price of a product may be lower or higher varying up to 30% in comparison with the standard model. Manufactures of customized products (not less than a minimum quantity) according to the customers specifications is available, the price for such kind of products may increase.

Advertising label can be placed on the top surface of the module and must be removed before installation. Technical parameters contained on this label are the maximal allowable, on condition of agreement with manufacturer.

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