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License plate number recognition technology has long ceased to be exotic and is becoming a part of our everyday life the same way once the automobile did. The ever increasing number of vehicles requires effective solutions for providing safety and comfort to the car owners. Active research in this field resulted in state-of-the-art smart license plate recognition systems that can be used in every field anyhow related to motor transport.

Placing the recognition system at the entrances and exits controls vehicle presence on the territory. Being the parking lot owner youĺll have all the statistic information about the workload that would help to increase efficiency of the business. Entering and leaving vehicle control improves parking lot safety for the database contains all the vehicles ever present on the territory and the violator can be easily identified. Integration the system with the parking billing minimizes the human factor, and rules out personnel abusing their authorities. The license plate number recognition system saves money and boosts loyalty of the patrons who appreciate service quality and their time.

Integration of license plate recognition and access control systems provides total control of the presence and movement of the personnel and vehicles on the territory. Assigning access zones and time range prevents any foreign auto from penetration into the service area, and license plate number check at the exit post prevents unauthorized leaving the territory or leaving without accompanying forms.

License plate recognition system can be used at servicing depots, car washes and filling stations so that the client wouldn't be able to leave without paying for the supplied services as well as at garages and parking lots with restricted access where foreign autos should be prevented from entering.

The license plate number recognition system can be used for monitoring the road/ traffic situation. The integration of the system with complexes for video capturing of traffic regulations violation provides a reliable control of the thoroughfares (the violators are identified by the license plate number; the penalty receipts are issued automatically) as well as identification of the vehicles being wanted by the police (being in search, for example).

Mobile complexes mounted into the patrol cars and equipped with license plate number recognition system and radars are successfully used by the traffic police for speed limit compliance and rapid detection of hijacked vehicles.

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