Automatic controllers

Modern industrial enterprises usually set up automatic controllers to monitor the work of their pumps, pumping systems, smoke exhausters and ventilation systems. Pumps are automatically managed by means of electric drive control cabinets that control the number of working motors and their rotation rate thus enabling to maintain the desired pressure at the water pressure manifold responding to signals from a pressure sensor. Such cascade mechanism allows to significantly reduce power consumption and the chance of accidents while considerably extending pumps service life.

The key task of a submerged pump control station or a controller of any other system that comprises asynchronous motors is to continuously monitor the system parameters and to determine optimal operating modes.

Our product range:

  • Water-supply facilities, water pumping stations and sewage pumping stations
  • Fire pump stations
  • Control cabinets for boiler smoke exhausters and ventilation systems
  • Automatic dispatcher systems
  • Control units

OptimElectro also offers:

  • Dispatcher control systems and data collection systems (SCADA)
  • Installation and check out of control cabinets for pump electric drives
  • Technical service of our equipment

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