Technical data:
Power supply220V 50Hz/ 12V 2,2 /hour
Voltage of output signal impulses, V(0-70)5%
Impulse duration, s300
Impulse current (peak), mA130
Dimensions, mm290x110x200
Weight, kg3


  • Manual mode and more than 30 automatic programs
  • Works in any of two modes: 6-0 or 3-3
  • Allows to change the shape and polarity of the impulse (adjustment of a stimulation, relaxation and tissue feed processes)
  • Allows to change the pulse length (stimulation intensity adjustment)
  • In a manual mode it is possible to select the duration of impulse "packs" and intervals between them (stimulation speed adjustment)
  • Allows the realization of an electrophoresis;
  • A possibility to program all parameters of the action and its phases in a special mode

Main operation modes:

  1. Through-dermal stimulation mode
  2. Medical electrophoresis
  3. Electromuscular stimulation mode
  4. Electro-currents stimulation mode
Built-In Programs:
Prog.Prog. Name
1-01Atonic dysfunction of vegetative organs
1-02Denervation (regeneration of neurones)
1-04Inflammatory nerves damages
1-05PAIN, acute (inflammation)
1-06PAIN, chronic
1-07PAIN, subacute (trauma)
1-09Spastic dysfunction of vegetative organs
2-01Occlusive diseases of arteries
2-02Arthritis. Arthrosis
2-03Intensification of a cellular metabolism
2-04Gynecologic diseases
2-05Wide-band removing of slags
2-06Asthma, allergies, bronchites
2-07Delicacy of a basin muscles
2-08Acceleration of adhesion of wounds and ligaments
3-01Inaction atrophy
3-02Cellulitis treatment
3-04Power training: a muscular dystrophia
3-05Drainage stimulation of muscles
3-06Trainig of muscles 2 (stamina)
3-07Muscles relaxation (at myofascites)
3-08Power training: mixed muscles
3-09Power training: slow (red) muscles
3-10Muscles training 1 (after an injury)
3-11Power training: quick (white) muscles
3-12Skin tonning
4-04Stress reduction
4-05Sleep disorder
5-02Hypertension treatment
5-03Kidney spasm treatment
5-04Neurogenic pain
5-05Voll frequency
Complete Set of Delivery:

Connecting cables, charger, packing bag, manual, the certificate. Upon customer's request we provide a complete set of spot electrodes for cosmetology procedures, connecting cables for acupuncture.

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