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General Description:

  • The software of CMS CARDEX 1000 is intended for usage with any CARDEX monitors
  • The Complex can be customized to each hospital requirements
  • Friendly interface helps to diagnose different critical state of the patients and analyze all data


  • Minimal configuration: PIII 1000 MHz /256 MB/ 5 GB/ Video 32 MB
  • Monitor with resolution 800 X 600 and higher
  • Operation system on the base of WinNT (Windows 2000, Windows XP)

Software Functions:

  • Monitoring of 32 patients in real time
  • Storage of the last 48 hours of ECG data with the possibility to review and print of the selected curves
  • Storage on the hard disk all the parameters measured by monitors
  • Automatic storage of 30 second ECG curves, during the alarm or by a user command
  • Possibility to include the text comments to the given period of time
  • Review and print of the ECG curves and parameters
  • Possibility to connect the second monitor to display the additional information
  • Database of all the patients: name, surname, age, date of entry to the hospital, diagnose, commentaries and all measured parameters
  • 2 types of database: local and server based. You can look through the database and work with measured parameters from all computers in the hospital net
  • Possibility to review the database from the remote computer, using Ethernet and Internet
Additional Software:

Possibility of installation of the additional programs for the data analysis which come from the monitors. Program Complex CMS CARDEX 1000 helps you to save the data in files in the affordable formats which makes them understandable for specialized programs of other companies.

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