Polysystem-EP/L ("CardioEPI")

Complex description

Complex includes:

  • dedicated portable recording block of ECG (12 leads) and esophageal leads (3 leads), cable, a set of electrocardiographic electrodes, esophageal pumps; software for noninvasive heart examination
  • programmable electrostimulator

Taking into consideration potentional risk of tests with exercise stress and correspondently the necessity of increasing computer safety and software, in complex base there are used:

  • fault-tolerant dedicated (industrial) computer, which provides no-break operation in unattended mode during long time
  • medical power unite, which provides adequacy to medical standards of electrical safety and radio noise
  • Windows Embedded operating system, that is specially built to provide productivity and safety of devices with higher reliability level
Main complex characteristics
Digitization frequency2 kHz on each channel
Logged channels14 (3+12)
Resolution ADC16
Galvanic isolation4 kV
Logged frequency rangeECG from 0.05 to 500Hz
esophageal leads0.15 to 500 Hz
Filteringdigital, programmable


Complex allows recording outer ECG in 12 leads and esophageal electrogram simultaneously. Recorded data is performed on the PC screen in real time (4 speeds of oscillogram movements are available) on number of channels at user installation (1 to 14). Filtered oscillograms are performed on the screen in real time. At user installation there are 4 different colors (out of 256) in usage to perform curves, as well as to perform markers of stimuli. Current HR and time of the measurement are always viewed. Specified data can be constantly logged on the HDD during whole measurement at set number of channels (from 1 to 14).

During measurement the user can "Stop" the oscillogram movements for more detail processing and measurements. At the same time data recording doesn't stop. The notable feature of the complex is the ability of recording esophageal electrogram from electrodes concurrently used for electrostimulation.

Programmable digital filter are used to view recording esophageal electrograms. The range of gating frequency is set by user. Digital filters work both in real time and when analyzing a record. At that in real time working the ocillograms that move on the screen are filtered signals.

Advanced options

Additionally the complex can be supplied with a set of programs for automation of noninvasive EPI (defining of HR parameters, threshold of stimulation, time of sino-atrial conduction, time of functional recovery of sinus node, Wenckebach point, refractory period of atrioventricular conducting system, estimation of ST-segment and HR dynamics and etc.)


The complex allows programming and changing series and parameters of stimulator impulses during work. The stimulator is started and operated both in manual and automatic modes. "Pause" and "Repeat" functions are available. Programming of electrostimulation is realized by means of numeral setting of required parameters in special blocks and setting a chain of blocks' switching. In each block it is set (manually): voltage, impulse length, linkage interval (with R-waves or previous stimulus), pause after series of impulses, period of impulse following and frequency, number of impulses in a series or the length of the series in time. The Linkage interval can be changed in manual mode (discontinuity - 1 ms) or in automatic mode ("decrement ", "increment" with minimal step 1 ) with indication of current interval. Main characteristics of the stimulator are given in the table.

Type of stimulatorOne channel
Way of stimulationBy voltage
Impulse shapesquare-wave
Front edge of impulseNot more than 0,15 ms
Back edge of impulseNot more than 0,2 ms
Stimulation voltage0 - 35 V
Length of impulse0,3 - 10 ms
Linkage interval10 - 999 ms
Period0,1 - 2 s
Pause1 - 999 s
Number of impulses in a series0 - 999 or by time

Stimulator allows programming the main types of heart electrostimulation used in clinic electrophysiological investigations. Markers of stimulus are viewed on the screen while stimulation.


Recorded during the ECG measurement data is performed in HR trend and full compression record (full disclosure) of the one of the chosen channels by which the search of necessary part of the record was realized for further detailed processing.

ECG viewing is performed in multichannel image of native record in a selected scale with possibility of smooth or discrete shifting along it. A that markers and parameters of the electrostimulus are set. Measurement of temporary intervals and amplitude characteristics is realized with a high accuracy with the help of the special viewfinder setting. During viewing any of the recorded channels can be filtered at user set frequency without changes in native record on the HDD.


The complex provides high-quality ECG prints on the laser printer with speed from 5 to 400 mm/s on A4 sheets and in a full compression ECG prints in one lead.

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